Divine Feminine wisdom follows the flow of energy that is available in each present moment. That's what makes women and men who carry divine feminine energy so flexible. It is also what helps us learn to respond rather than react to whatever circumstances arise in our lives. When we live in flow with cosmic energies, we become more powerful in creating harmony in our lives. I am exceedingly happy to share with you the birth of the new 2020 Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar, a revelatory system that helps us navigate the spirals of energy to plan our days, rather than our being increasingly trapped by time. The calendar is full of beautiful pictures, quotes from Laarkmaa (our Pleiadian friends)

Fierce Feminine Rising

I was recently asked to endorse Anaiya Sophia's new book Fierce Feminine Rising. I was so impressed with her work, that I offered to write a FOREWORD to the book. Never has such a book been so necessary or so timely for an endangered species- humanity. Our planet and all life on Earth are in peril. Why? Take a look at what I wrote about Fierce Feminine Rising here: ....and then you may wish to read both her book and Sacred Retreat to see what has gone wrong and what we must do to correct it. Love, Pia #deepguidance #DivineFeminine #SacredRetreat #FierceFeminineRising #AnaiyaSophia #PiaOrleane #Healing #predatoryrelationships #personalpowe

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