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Stories are coming in from people who have been exploring the amazing possibilities available when we schedule our lives by energy rather than time! One woman reported choosing her wedding date with the calendar, which immediately began a flow of wonderful opportunities for her wedding! A business person used the calendar to reschedule a business

meeting after discovering the previous schedule had been on a day full of potential for differences of opinion or conflict. The meeting was a huge success and mutually beneficial for all parties!

Some people have reached out asking for more guidance on how to use the calendar for the best benefit. We suggest that if you are feeling overwhelmed by the newness of the system, you begin with following only one of the two cycles of energy. Follow the 13 Universal energies (listed numerically for each day with the meaning of the energy in the legend at the back of the calendar) for a full cycle of thirteen days (or several cycles) and notice how things are working in the world during each energy or how you feel. Notice how you experience what happens each day in relationship to its Universal energy. Keep a diary showing how when you make your choices based on the Universal energy, things begin to flow more easily!

Once you feel comfortable with the 13 Universal energies, then begin to notice the Earth energies (listed by name on each calendar day). The legend at the back of the calendar gives you an idea of appropriate and inappropriate use of each Earth energy listed. Again, keep a diary showing how when you make your choices based on the energy present, your life improves!

Want to go even deeper into understanding the energy system of the calendar? Purchase the book Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology (link:, schedule a consultation with Pia (link: or purchase a personal Pleiadian-Earth Energy Chart (link: However you choose to explore the calendar, let this new system change your life!

Love and light,

Pia and Cullen

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