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Dear Friends,

I would like to introduce you to a beautiful young woman who is doing important work to empower the Divine Feminine within all of us. Angel Aquarian is an Ayurvedic practitioner whose special focus is on menstrual cycle awareness and personal development. Most of us grew up in the current culture with very little education about the magic of the menstrual cycle and what it can offer to bring wisdom and harmony to the world. From her own awakening experiences, Angel is filled with a passion to share information about this magical time with as many people as possible to heal our fractured society and radically change our world.

Angel has built an online series to empower every participant with the information and tools we need to begin to honor this cycle of Nature. She has gathered experts from all over the world (including Aniya Sophia, Alexandra Pope, Anabel Vizcarra, Susan Weed, and myself) to share their unique perspectives and wisdom not only about the menstrual cycle, but also how the Divine Feminine needs to return to balance us all. When Angel asked me to be a featured speaker for this series I eagerly agreed!

The Series is called Awakening to the Magic of the Menstrual Cycle: Discover the secrets of your cycle, tap into your feminine superpowers, and return your spirit to an inspired state of Being. Although the information in this series is about women, it is for all of us and will benefit men as well in understanding the astonishing gifts inherent in using natural cycles to recharge our lives.

The event is offered free, as a service to humanity. You can register here.

You will hear a variety of beautiful speakers discussing timely subjects of great importance. Here are some things you can look forward to being discussed in this series:

·The importance of returning to the cycles of Nature to create a more harmonious world

· MCA (menstrual cycle awareness/consciously working with your monthly cycle)

· Diet/nutrition and the cycle

· Herbalism and the cycle

· Hormone health + essential oils

· Healthy boundaries

· Listening to and trusting the body more deeply

· Avoiding and achieving pregnancy naturally

· Womb shamanism/indigenous practices and beliefs about the cycle

· The journey into motherhood and natural/free-birth

· Postpardum care

· The journey through menopause

· The effects of synthetic ingredients on our health like the ones found in hygiene/cleaning products/birth control pills

· The history of the suppression of the menstrual cycle and how it has made us sick as a society and disconnected from our bodies and the earth

· Healing from PTSD and what it really means for a woman to feel safe in her body

· The changing seasons of a woman and how our cyclical nature deeply connects us to the planet and all life

· Things you can do, even as a busy mom or business woman to honor your cycle more

· The Divine Feminine within men

This is just a brief overview of SOME of what is covered in this series. Be sure to tune in for the full scoop here.

These conversations are loaded with important, life-changing wisdom! Please take the time to sit with more than twenty experts on the Divine Feminine from around the world, and change your life!

Register here to participate!

With love and light,



Pia Orleane, Ph.D.

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