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FULL MOON REPORT: 22 August, 2021

Today’s Full Moon in Aquarius signifies an enormous opportunity for those of us who are ready to receive and utilize the energies of positive, revolutionary change. This is the second Aquarius Full Moon in a row, now bringing all the energies of Aquarius to an unprecedented intensity. What does this mean? Aquarius is associated with a fierce commitment to independence and free-thinking. It is also irrevocably linked to group activities and collective consciousness. Aquarius also lends the impetus

to never allow our behavior to be shaped by someone else (i.e., illogical and untrue media reports or governmental and medical requirements.) Now is the time that we can join together to rebel against the governmental measures that are quickly eroding the very idea of individual (or collective) freedom.

The Aquarian Full Moon is bringing us information that is clear, direct, and unobstructed so that we can make clear, direct, and powerful choices. If you want to understand more deeply the astrological influences of this Full Moon in Aquarius, my friend and colleague Jennifer Gehl has written a very insightful essay describing how these energies are affecting us collectively. You can read that in full here.

Briefly, as Jennifer (who parrots the truth Laarkmaa has been sharing) says, the door to our past is closing dramatically so that a new and more harmonious future can be established. These energies help us to look more closely at the source of our limitations and control and bring a focus on the need for fairness and equality, encouraging us to become the masters of our own destiny. Laarkmaa has been telling us since December of last year that 2021 is the Year of Revolution. There has never been a time where revolution is more needed. Not only are our freedoms being stolen, but life itself on this planet is under egregious assault. This Full Moon in Aquarius is showing us that it is absolutely necessary to become the masters of our own destiny, and to do that, we must work together.

Laarkmaa has talked for over a decade about the Great Split that humanity would make. We are now at that point. We can either cling to the past, using the same tired strategies that do not and have not worked, hoping for change, or we can join together to say “No More” and begin to create a different and brighter future.

This Full Moon in Aquarius brings energies that support a change in perception, ending a time of deception and opening the eyes and the hearts of all those who are ready to receive and embrace the energy of positive change. Jennifer Gehl says this energy is “flipping the switch for individuals to access higher consciousness.”

Could this Full Moon be the portal so many have been waiting to open? Can you feel or intuit that you must act? That you must respond to what is happening on our planet rather than continuing to react defensively? Whether you have been following the Freedom Rallies across the planet (in Germany, in France, in the UK, and especially Del Bigtree of The Highwire’s most recent speech in America here), or whether you just feel it internally, NOW is the moment to act. If we want change, we have to create it, and this Aquarian Full Moon supports our doing this collectively. We are not simply citizens of one country or another. We are citizens of a planet in peril and a people on the verge of extinction. It’s time to move beyond thinking or talking about what’s wrong and act to make enormous changes. Together we have more power than we can possibly imagine. As Del Bigtree said in his Austin, Texas speech yesterday, we are not the minority–that is just another lie that we have been told. We are actually the majority, and it is time to use our power to stand up and say, “No More!”

Revolution does not have to be violent. If it were, our Pleiadian friends,Laarkmaa, would never have suggested that this is the year of Revolution. The R in revolution is for Remembering Who We Are and the letters that follow the R spell Evolution. To Evolve, we must take steps to remember and to fight for what is naturally ours. No one can take our freedom unless we give it to them.

With kindness, compassion, and love,


Sources of Enlightened Perspective:


Del Bigtree’s The High Wire (watch the last 30 minutes of 8-21 Freedom Ralley)

Frontline Doctors:

Dr. David Martin:

Ireland Stands Up:

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

Jennifer Gehl’s Sound Works:

Photo taken from the 2021 Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar.

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