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  • Pia Orleane, Ph.D.

Not Feeling Great? Help is Here!

Helping hand

This year of 2019 is bringing change into our lives in multiple ways. The energies for transformation are strong, and many of us may be experiencing them as extreme fatigue, physical discomfort, mental confusion, or brain fog. Or perhaps we have a lack of hunger or unusual digestive distress, signaling a need to change our diet. Many physical symptoms, often called "Ascension symptoms" are showing up this year, and often it is challenging to sort out what needs our physical attention and what is just part of the transition we are individually and collectively making. Some of our symptoms, such as those listed below, may be attributed to cosmic rays alone, which penetrate our atmosphere with increasing strength because our sun is in a Solar Minimum, yet we may need help in handling those symptoms.

  • Extreme fatigue;

  • Flu-like symptoms;

  • Inability to think or remember;

  • Headaches so strong they resemble migraines;

  • Ringing in ears or unusual sounds;

  • Digestive distress;

  • Loss of appetite;

  • Heart palpations;

  • Temperature fluctuations, especially becoming very hot;

  • Tingling feeling on lips or skin;

  • Interrupted sleep or inability to sleep

If it is time for you to make some dietary changes, if you want clarity on your own symptoms, if you need some general health guidance, or if you could use some assistance in dealing with cosmic weather symptoms, I offer alternative health consultations. Through my training and intuitive assistance, I will help you to feel better and attain more balanced health. Here's how to contact me: ​

Wishing you a bright and healthy 2019!

Love and light,


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