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Laarkmaa’s quote under the above picture addresses the thirteen-day energetic period that we begin on Thursday, 13 May. For the next thirteen days, we will be under the influence of MOVING Earth energy, and we are likely to feel both highs and lows in all of our experiences. This will be a restless period full of movement. We may find new discoveries or long held secrets may be revealed.

The Maya considered this energy to be a primal force in the universe. It was viewed as an all-encompassing energy that enlivened both the heavens and the earth. It can be viewed as the ouroborus, the serpent that completes a circle by eating its own tail. We, too, may complete some situation or project and circle around to begin again in this energy. In other words, we may encounter little deaths and rebirths in MOVING Energy, as we experience all the lows and highs that are present in this thirteen-day period.

In the body, MOVING energy is like lightening in the blood, something very similar to the Sanskrit term kundalini, so do not be surprised if you experience sudden inexplicable pains, like lightening moving through your body, or inexplicable bliss.

To engage in confrontations, competition, or blame would be an inappropriate use of this energy. The best use of MOVING energy is to move into new ideas or territories, seeking clarity, vitality, and realization, asking that those qualities be manifest in us in each and every moment. This is an energetic period in which we can build our spiritual strength and move into higher vibratory awareness.

With kindness, compassion, and love,


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Thanks to Kenneth Johnson, who wrote the Forward to Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology, for his insights on this energy.

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