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The Divine Feminine Returns!

Angel Aquarian has gathered experts from all over the world to discuss the mystical menstrual cycle and to celebrate the Divine Feminine. I was honored to speak on the first day of her two-week summit. My topic was restoring balance to our fractured world by recognizing and honoring the nurturing qualities of the Divine Feminine in all of us, men and women alike. We have dismissed or ignored our natural abilities to be nurturing, cooperative, and kind, in favor of living by the prominent patriarchal values of greed, competition, judgment and separation––and the world is a mess. Women have the natural gift of monthly purification, where we can get rid of everything that doesn't work and move forward anew. Women also have the sacred duty to demonstrate that process for others, so that we do not hold on to old wounds or judgments of others that cause tension, discord, and war, but instead begin to release old beliefs and see everyone as an important part of the whole. A menstrual cycle is not just about bleeding every month. It is about letting go of everything that does not serve us, and reaching for new ways of connecting and communicating. It is a model for healing and living within natural cycles. We need to learn to stop pushing forward for patriarchal "progress". We need to remember to spend time in Sacred Retreat, where we can release what no longer works and quietly listen to guidance for what comes next. As I explain in my book Sacred Retreat, this kind of retreat is beneficial for women and men, for it allows us time to listen to our hearts and it returns us to Nature (and away from the technological world.). You can listen to my entire interview here.

Thank you for taking the time to listen and consider another way of approaching life. The Divine Feminine in all of us can save the world, if only we take time to listen and to make appropriate changes.

With love,



Pia Orleane, Ph.D.

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