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Diet & Alternative Health Consultation

Pia Orleane, Ph.D. has long been a valuable consultant to medical practitioners on "difficult" cases. Using her training in energy medicine, Ayurveda, herbology, diet, Cranio-Sacral therapy, psychopharmacology, Continuum Movement and other movement techniques, Buteyko Breath Technique, and the guidance she receives from other realms, Pia helps people change their lives for the better.

Each session is an hour long and intended to find solutions to both current and long standing health challenges.

To book a session, make a payment of $144 by clicking the button to the left. After payment you'll be redirected to a page where you will enter information and book a session. Please contact me here if you have any questions. 


I want to thank you for not only our session, but for the comprehensive follow-up and all of the helpful information you provided.  I greatly appreciated your direct and forthright approach and looking at various aspects of my health that all play a role in overall wellness.  I liked how you utilized our time together in such an organized and effective manner.  It's also helpful to have it recorded.  It was a great value for the exchange.  I wish some of my doctors and health professionals could be so organized! I treasure our connection and am deeply grateful for the profound growth I've experienced in my life through my connection to both you and Cullen and Laarkmaa.

T.D. - USA