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The Astrological Journal

May/June 2024 Edition Pleiadian-Earth Energy Report for May and June: Unexpected gifts of Spring and Summer.  Read the full report: here.


Watkins MBS Magazine
Pia and Cullen's article Reviewing and Rewriting Our Contracts was so popular it was republished in Watkins Magazine in the UK. You can read it here.


The Astrological Journal
March/April 2023 Issue
Pia's work is featured four times in this edition of The Astrological Journal.  We are very proud to share it: here.

Sedona Journal Cvr-april2023-sm.png

The Sedona Journal
April 2023 Issue
Renewing & Rewriting Our Contracts.  You can download the article:  here.


The Astrological Journal
Nov / Dec 2022 Issue
Venus phase movement and Pleiadian-Earth Energy collective shadows.  You can download the article here.


New Dawn Mind-Body-Spirit Supplement July/August 2022 Edition Guest Article: Spiritual Guidance in a World Gone Mad by Lana Penrose. here.


The Astrological Journal
Nov / Dec 2021 Issue
Moving Beyond Twelve, the importance of Thirteen, the energy of integration! You can download the article here.

3- Consciousness- 1st picture.png

New Dawn magazine asked Pia and her husband, Cullen, to write a Feature Article for the 2020 Collector's Edition. The seven-page article entitled Consciousness and You: The Hidden Threats to the Development of Higher Consciousness can be read here.


KindredSpirit magazine published Pia's article, The Power of Thirteen in their September 2019 issue.  
You can read it here.

Kindred-jan-feb 2019.png
1- Proverbial Picture.png

New Dawn magazine asked Pia and her husband, Cullen, to provide an overview of 2020, which was included in the latest issue The New Year 2020 Collectors Edition. Our contribution takes a look at our third dimensional world.  You can read the article here.


Watkins Mind-Body-Spirit magazine printed an excerpt from Pia and Cullen, and Laarkmaa's most recent book, Pleiadian-
Earth Energy Astrology.
The short but insightful article can be downloaded here.

New Dawn 2018 article - cover.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 10.24.35

Kindred Spirit published an article by  Pia called "Losing My Mother, Finding Myself" in their May 16 edition. You can read it here.

Bodies of light.png

Kindred Spirit Magazine published Pia's article, Understanding Energy: A Path To Harmony, in their January/February, 2017 issue.  You can read it here.

Watkins 2018 article cover.jpg

Watkins Mind-Body-Spirit magazine Summer 2020 Edition printed an extract from the Pleiadian Manual for Accelerated Evolution & Ascension. The article can be read here.

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