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Sacred Retreat


Sacred Retreat: Using Natural Cycles to Recharge Your Life offers a blueprint for understanding the importance of the natural cycles that control and ultimately influence all of human life. The feminine aspects of life have been denigrated and abused by the patriarchy for far too long. Such an imbalanced approach to life has removed us from our natural abilities to deeply listen to and trust our own rhythms. Without honoring our human biological cycles, we are doomed to failure as a society, by continuing to make disconnected linear choices in a technologically driven patriarchal system.


The Nautilus Gold Award-winning book fully discusses the necessity of recognizing and honoring natural cycles for balance and healing. Cultural myths have led us away from respect and symmetry between genders through a societal disrespect for feminine values. Such dismissal of the divine feminine has fostered patriarchal societies that have fractured our world, infusing it with greed, competition, stress, and war. Dr. Orleane's groundbreaking research and work has the potential to rebalance the gulf between the genders, finally regaining our lost equilibrium through the leadership of the divine feminine. The book gives us a new language with which to speak about the cycles that govern everything about our existence.


         With compelling arguments for a return to honoring nature's cycles, the reader will explore dreams, creativity, spirituality, divine sexuality, and relationships–both personal and planetary. After following the historical journey that brought humanity from a matriarchal system that honored ourselves as part of nature to the current patriarchal system that continually separates us from nature, Dr. Orleane offers a way to return to balance.

         This new book can help us to make better, more conscious choices to benevolently survive, prosper, and evolve through re-establishing respect of the divine feminine, which is fundamentally necessary to lead us in this timely and critical direction.

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Nautilus Gold Award Winner


Deep Books UK & Europe
Simon & Schuster UK only.

Featured Topics in Sacred Retreat

• How feminine consciousness resides within all of us;

• How honoring nature's cycles reclaims the importance and power of divine feminine wisdom; 

• How feminine consciousness has been suppressed by linear cultures;

• How society has become imbalanced through a focus on continual progress, increasing speed,
   and the use of technology at the expense of connecting with our environment;

• How it is up to men and women equally to access the divine feminine within them;

• Specific practices for regaining harmony between the genders:

• Specific practices for reconnecting to nature

• Specific practices for increasing our creativity and intuition;

• That there has never been a more critical time for listening to the divine feminine and returning
   to the wisdom of cycles;

• How to turn around, look in the opposite direction, and begin to honor and support the voice of the
   divine feminine as She calls to us to save ourselves and our world. 

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