Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology   Charts


Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology    Chart


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Pia Orleane is the creator of the Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology     Chart , which maps your personal energies and your mission here on Earth. Each chart reveals your personal Universal and Earth energies and how they interweave with the energies of others. Building on information provided by Laarkmaa, years of studying Mayan Calendar energy (as given to the Maya by the Pleiadians), and her own intuition, Pia provides an intricate look into the energy of Who You Are, answering questions to help you craft the life you desire.


Included in the Pleiadian-Earth Energy    Chart are the following:

  • The mysteries of Venus cycles in your life

  • Your place in the 13 Universal energies

  • Your orientation on Earth through the directions

  • Your personality as part of the 20 Earth energies

  • Challenges and gifts of your Earth personality

  • Influence of societal patterns from your birth

  • Your resonance with specific color energies

  • Your focus of conscious awareness

  • Karmic tendencies and deep drives

  • Your life purpose as defined by energy

  • Vortex days on planet Earth

  • Answers to specific life questions

  • One hour telephone consultation with Pia

  • Resources for further study

  • ​Are you a Morning Star or Evening Star in Earth's duality?

  • Description of the energy that guides your personal path of evolution (evolutionary guidance)

  • Personal shadow cycles for transformation & evolution

  • Relationship guidance through Venus and the Pleiades

  • Empowering, compatible, mysterious or challenging energies

  • Transformational periods for the collective of humanity



A Pleiadian-Earth-Energy Astrology      Chart differs from other astrological charts by integrating cycles of 20 energies that are specific to Earth and 13 Universal energies. Following the guidance of the planet Venus, which is so important in Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology, Pia will share insights about your own journey, answering questions that are important to you.


As a Certified Venus Star Point® teacher and practitioner, Pia adds guidance from Venus to help you understand your own energy and your relationships with others. In your chart, you can see the roles of specific people in your lives, as well as how you they feed you or you feed them. The flow of Venus energy shows you how to think with the heart, rather than with the mind.