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Pleiadian-Earth Relationship Chart

Pleiadian-Earth Energy Relationship Chart



This Chart requires previous Individual Charts of each person.


An in-depth Relationship Chart dives into the patterns of energy exchange between two people. All relationships experience cycles of synchronicity and cycles of distance. This chart shows how those patterns affect each partner in the relationship.

To maximize synchronicity and enhance the flow in your relationship, this chart defines patterns specific to your relationship. An energetic understanding of your differences and your similarities can be an asset to greater harmony.


In-depth relationship study requires previous individual charts of each person as a basis for examining the combined energy of their relationship. The chart includes the dates and meanings of Shadow Cycles for Transformation and Evolution in the relationship, and indicates times when partners are more easily "triggered" by one another, or when old reactive emotional patterns arise within the relationship. The information offers ways to move beyond disharmony and back into love.

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