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Personal Consultation 

Spend an hour with Pia in a personal conversation to obtain insight into current challenges, get a quick peeks into relationship energy, receive guidance with dietary changes or alternative health suggestions, choose auspicious dates for future events, look at the effect of the current Universal or Earth energies in your life, or simply to receive a different outlook on a specific issues.​

Pleiadian-Earth Energy Workshop 

Three magical 90 minute sessions with Pia learning all about Pleiadian-Earth Energy and how to manage your life through energy rather than time.
March 25, 26 & 27, 2022

Alternative Health Consultation 

Using her training in energy medicine, Ayurveda, herbology, diet, Cranio-Sacral therapy, psychopharmacology, Continuum Movement and other movement techniques, Buteyko Breath Technique, and the guidance she receives from other realms, Pia helps people change their lives for the better.

Intuitive Readings 

Each session wiith Pia  is an hour long and is client-designed, addressing the questions that are most troubling to your heart or where you are experiencing the most challenges.

Pleiadian Astrology Charts

The Pleiadian-Earth Energy Chart is not a typical astrological chart. This chart describes the energies that you brought to Earth as your part of the whole picture of humanity.These are the energies that you specifically have agreed to work with to support Earth's Ascension process. The dates of your shadow cycles are included.

Purchase Astrology Chart

A Pleiadian-Earth-Energy Chart differs from other astrological charts by integrating cycles of 20 energies that are specific to Earth and 13 Universal energies. Following the guidance of the planet Venus, which is so important in Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology, Pia will share insights about your own journey, answering questions that are important to you.

Comments about Energy Chart Readings

"My experience of Astrology has been the good, the bad, and the indifferent leaving me empty, while the Pleiadian-Earth Energy Chart is love itself. It is always positive, giving the times of the most positive work to enhance my life experience and personal development.

I am so pleased to find something that gives me the opportunity to increase my awareness and be able to expand my years of learning with more direction." 
V.G., New Mexico, USA

“All astrologers I know offer a traditional Earthly perspective, whereas Pia is solely unique, giving a more expansive Pleiadian perspective of our place in the cosmos and bringing us into new paradigm awareness and understanding. Thank you, Pia, for the brilliant chart for my granddaughter!"

­– Ruthanne, USA

Continuing Guidance Chart

For those who have already received a full Pleiadian-Earth Energy Chart and wish to go more deeply into conversation about specific energies, dates, or relationships. 

Relationship Charts 

A relationship chart assists couples in understanding their dynamics and energies. Each person must have a Pleiadian-Earth Energy Chart before work on a relationship chart can begin.

Child's Potentials Charts

A chart for your child can help you in understanding how best to assist your child in accomplishing his/her unique reasons for being on Earth.

Personal Shadow Cycles 

You receive a list of dates and descriptions of challenges defined by your unique energy. This information assists your personal growth and outlines opportunities for transformation to help you navigate challenging times. The information included in a Shadow Cycles summary will assist in understanding how to break old habits and patterns and clear the shadows from your personality. 

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