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I am enthusiastically sharing with you a product that Cullen and I have been trying for the last 8 months. This product is called Nano Soma™, and it only requires that you squirt 5 drops in  your mouth once a day to start the body’s journey to finding homeostasis once again. The underlying cause of any imbalance is addressed first, so you may not even recognize the benefits you are receiving until you have been on the product for a while. This is because whatever is most out of balance in your body is addressed first, sometimes before the more obvious symptoms.


Nano Soma™ is not a medicine, supplement, or “cure-all.” There are no promises about diseases being cured. It is simply a natural substance that harmonically aligns with your body, slowly correcting all imbalances until you return to a state of full, enjoyable health. This is a product that returns your body to its original blueprint of health, not overnight, but with consistent use over many months. The body and Nano Soma™ conduct a triage when you begin to use Nano Soma™, and any life-threatening issues are dealt with first. You may not even know about them, but the body does. Everybody’s healing journey is different: some issues clear quickly and some take longer. I am sharing this with you so that you can embark on your own journey!


The key ingredient in Nano Soma™ is policosanol, a cartenoid or long-chain alcohol extracted from beeswax or the wax on the plant of cereal grains, grasses, leaves, fruits, nuts, seeds, and sugarcane. Now you know that Cullen and I do not support eating sugar in any form. However, this product is made from the wax from the stem of the plant, not the material of the plant itself. I would never recommend the intake of sugar in any form, but the wax on the outside of that and other plants has proven to be beneficial for human healing.


Nano Soma™ is new paradigm healing based on the whole body, moving away from the old paradigm treatment of symptoms with supplements, drugs, or surgery. A friend had a cataract in her eye. After using Nano Soma™ for several months, the cataract is completely gone and she avoided laser surgery. Another friend had dark spots (frequently called age spots or liver spots that are actually clumped melanin caused from over exposure to the sun’s UV rays or other histamine or immune problems) all over her hands and face. She has seen them fade over the 10 months she has been using Nano Soma™. She now has the face of a much younger and more vibrant woman and happily reports a new level of energy and vibrancy she hasn’t experienced in years! She has also seen a decreased need for many of the supplements she had been taking. I haven’t seen the anti-aging effect in my own body yet, but. I trust that the deeper issues Nano Soma™ is addressing are more important for my overall health at this point.


After a lifelong issue with Candida from having intravenous antibiotics for 10 days when I was young, I am now able to enjoy fresh fruit and honey in my tea every day for the first time in my adult life! This change happened after 3 months of Nano Soma™ use. More importantly, after 8 months of Nano Soma™ use, my thyroid medication has been significantly reduced after having been on a very high dose for over 20 years! I  spray it on cuts, burns, and mosquito bites and am amazed that these things heal almost overnight when sprayed with Nano Soma™! These are personal examples that I am sharing because I have seen real and lasting effects of taking Nano Soma™. Additionally, I no longer need many of the supplements I was taking because my body is doing a better job at assimilating natural vitamins and minerals through the organic, vegetarian food I eat.


When taking Nano Soma™, there may be periods of healing crisis where old symptoms rise to the surface to be finally and forever cleared. When that happens, simply reduce the dosage you are taking from 5 sprays to 1 spray for several days until the healing crisis is over and then return to your regular dose. I personally have experienced a number of healing crises in my 8 months on Nano Soma™,  but I have persevered, and am glad I did. There are no side effects other than occasional healing crises (which not everyone experiences);  however, the product does interfere with anti-platelet drugs such as heparin.


Cullen and I never recommend a product to anyone until we have tried it on ourselves first. After being on the miracle of Nano Soma™ for 8 months and receiving the benefits of its magic, I became an affiliate of  this product. I don’t usually do this because I am not a fan of affiliate programs. However, because Nano Soma™ has been working so well for me, I wanted to share it with others so that all of us can become healthier in this toxic world. In transparency, and for ease of finding it, I have linked my affiliate code to the words ‘Nano Soma™’ throughout this page. When you click on any of these links, and make a purchase, you benefit your own health, which is my first wish, but you also support the work that Cullen and I do with Laarkmaa and other Voices from the Light.  


I have read countless reports of all kinds of issues or symptoms disappearing after consistent use of Nano Soma™, and I receive a weekly newsletter that continues to report miracles. Some deep or serious conditions such as Parkinson’s, Type 1 Diabetes, or Neuropathy can take a year or more to resolve. Other conditions resolve much more quickly. Here are some of the effects that doctors, naturopaths, and other people are reporting:

  • Clears pathological viruses, bacteria, yeasts, fungi, and parasites;

  • Clears effects of herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metals;

  • Clears everything in the body that does not belong (including things in the jabs);

  • Symptoms of fibromyalgia permanently disappeared;

  • Degenerative brain conditions like Dementia healed;

  • Parkinson’s improved or healed;

  • Diabetes improved or healed;

  • Neuropathy improved;

  • Eye floaters disappear;

  • Cataracts dissolve;

  • Return of stamina;

  • Reverses the aging process after re-balancing the body;

  • Clinical depression cleared;

  • Joy replacing sadness;

  • Clearing effects of being around people who took the mRNA vaccine and who “shed”

  • Improvement in overall health of some who took the jab.


Here are links for a brochure on Nano Soma™, an article written by the doctor who created Nano Soma, and the recommended usage protocol. Again, Nano Soma™ does not treat or heal any illness or disease. Rather, it triggers our bodies to recover a level of perfection we did not imagine was possible. Dr. Richard Presser says:                                                                                                            
“If you understand what we are living through, this transformation in our biological state, including the reversing of the ageing process, was planned to emerge in this time when a major global effort is underway to not only compromise our health but to eliminate most of us from the planet. There has yet to be a human health condition against which NANO SOMA™ has been tested that it does not trigger the body to heal. Not only does it trigger a replica of the human genome (so far confirmed to within 99%), which enables any interference with our DNA, from whatever source, to be corrected, but it triggers the body to clear everything that does not reflect perfect health and it regulates all of the nuclear receptors in our cells. None of this is by chance, since this little particle of policosanol, I am now satisfied brought the blueprint of biological life to our planet. And so, what we are witnessing is the emergence of a state of health that has always been inherent but was allowed to be compromised as part of the entrapment of the darkness that is in the process of being cleared from the planet. In my opinion, in 20 years’ time, humanity will look back and wonder how it was that we walked through this time of illness, disease and ageing because none of it will exist. And so, we are simply beginning the journey of the rediscovery of the perfection of the human form, and it will not happen overnight.”


Try this new product if the above information resonates with you. Some of you may experience an instant benefit; for others like Cullen and me, it may take longer to notice beneficial effects. If you do decide to try it, I would be grateful if you would use one of the links on this page for your purchase, so that part of the proceeds goes to our work helping humanity consciously and spiritually evolve.

Thank you!

With kindness, compassion, and love,


K.S. Colorado (USA)

“I just got my first bottle yesterday.  I was hit by a powerful energy when I opened the box.  After taking my first dose, I felt my throat chakra bathed in joy.  Then that blissful energy steadily made its way down my chakras and then up.  And this continued in milder ways until I went to bed.  I am interested to see how my animals will be affected, and also plants. Thanks to you and to Laarkmaa for the recommendation! “
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