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Pia Orleane, PhD

Dr. Pia Orleane invites you on a journey to reveal the truth, as she shares a few secrets! First of all, there is no boundary or separation between the third dimension and other realms. Second, consciousness is not separated by life and death. Third, everything is energy, and all energy is connected, thus communication between one energy and another (regardless of the realms) is always possible if both parties wish to connect.


Having communicated with beings in other realms for all of her life, Pia knows there is no boundary preventing us communicating with those from other realms who wish to support or help us. As A Receiver, she opens to receive and share messages from many sources, including Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, The Grandfather, The Voice, the Council of Light, and many, many others. When joined with her husband, Cullen Baird Smith, they merge their energies with the Pleiadian group Laarkmaa to share evolutionary guidance. Learn more about Laarkmaa by clicking this link:


Dr. Pia Orleane is a multifaceted resource for evolutionary growth. A session with Pia is always tailored to fit your individual needs and requests. She may provide intuitive insights, health support, or voices from other realms who come through her to provide wisdom, direction, or support. She is a gifted conscious channel who brings forth the insight and guidance of multiple energetic light beings.


The former practicing psychologist is a multiple gold award-winning author, the co-founder of the Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology System, an Alternative Health Consultant, a respected Intuitive, and one of the world’s leading experts on the Divine Feminine Energy.


You are invited to take a journey with Dr. Pia Orleane, discovering and exploring alternate realities and places where solutions to third dimensional challenges can be viewed from a wider and deeper perspective.



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