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Personal Session With Pia

Spend an hour with Pia in a session that can bring channelled Voices from the Light, Alternative Health suggestions, Intuitive Guidance, Continuing Guidance for those who have received a Pleiadian-Earth Energy Chart, or Simple Insights into current challenges, relationships, or auspicious dates for important choices. Trained in Ayurveda, herbology, diet, Cranio-Sacral therapy, Psychopharmacology, Continuum Movement Therapy, Butenko Breath Technique, many other modalities, and with the guidance from other realms, Pia's session with you will be light-filled in whatever direction you need to go. Each session is an hour long and is personally designed to address what is most challenging or interesting to you.  $150


Pleiadian-Earth Energy Charts

The Pleiadian-Earth Energy Chart is not a typical astrological chart. A Pleiadian-Earth-Energy Chart differs from other astrological charts by integrating cycles of 20 energies that are specific to Earth and 13 Universal energies. Following the guidance of the planet Venus, which is so important in Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology, you will learn about your karmic gifts and challenges, how you relate to others, and more. Shadow Cycles descriptions and an hour long consultation are included when you purchase a personal Pleiadian Astrology Chart. Your chart describes the energies that you brought to Earth to contribute to the evolution of humanity. These are the energies that you specifically agreed to work with to support your own evolution and Earth's Ascension process. No computers or AI are involved with formulating your chart. Each one is created through years of research with the Pleiadian-Earth Energy system and intuitive guidance. $245

Child Potential Astrology Chart

This Chart helps parents to better understand and guide their children to their highest potentials! A Child's Potentials Astrology Chart reveals the specific energetic gifts of each child. Standardized achievement tests provide information regarding your child's intellect, but this Chart goes straight to the essence of your child's heart, describing her or his specific gifts, interests, challenges, with suggestions for how to best support and guide your child.   $144

Relationship Charts

All relationships experience cycles of synchronicity and cycles of distance. To maximize synchronicity and enhance the flow in your relationship, this chart defines specific patterns in your relationship. A Relationship Chart requires the previous individual charts of each person as a basis for examining the combined energy of their relationship. The chart includes the dates and meanings of Shadow Cycles for the relationship, indicating times when partners may be more easily "triggered" by one another, or when old reactive emotional patterns may arise. This exceptional tool supports couples delving more deeply into their relationship, offering ways to move beyond disharmony and back into love.  $150

Shadow Cycle Update

This Chart examines and explains the most potent times for personal evolution for those who have already had a personal Pleiadian-Earth Energy Chart. Shadow cycles may appear as challenges, but they are actually opportunities to break dysfunctional beliefs and patterns, bringing more satisfaction into your life. Understanding the patterns offered for repair in each Shadow Cycle helps us shine more light into our lives! Shadow cycles are specific to the growth potentials for each person and help you understand how to transcend current challenges, as you let go of outdated beliefs and old patterns of behavior.   $99

Personal Session with Laarkmaa

Personal Sessions with Laarkmaa give you the opportunity for a confidential private conversation with Laarkmaa to gain the larger Pleiadian perspective on whatever is of interest to you on both personal and global levels. You may also request an evaluation of your personal evolutionary progress in the Ascension process​. These private sessions are facilitated through the combined energy of Laarkmaa, my husband, Cullen Baird Smith, and Dr. Pia Orleane.

Nano Soma

A natural substance that harmonically aligns with your body, slowly correcting all imbalances until you return to a state of full, enjoyable health. This is a product that returns your body to its original blueprint of health, not overnight, but with consistent use over many months. It is balancing element, rather than an instant cure-all.

Comments about Energy Chart Readings

"My experience of Astrology has been the good, the bad, and the indifferent leaving me empty, while the Pleiadian-Earth Energy Chart is love itself. It is always positive, giving the times of the most positive work to enhance my life experience and personal development.

I am so pleased to find something that gives me the opportunity to increase my awareness and be able to expand my years of learning with more direction." 
V.G., New Mexico, USA

“All astrologers I know offer a traditional Earthly perspective, whereas Pia is solely unique, giving a more expansive Pleiadian perspective of our place in the cosmos and bringing us into new paradigm awareness and understanding. Thank you, Pia, for the brilliant chart for my granddaughter!"

­– Ruthanne, USA

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