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I am The Voice...

The Voice

Introduction to The Voice

Introduction - The Voice

Message for Changing Times

Changing Times - The Voice

What It Means to be a Lightworker

Being a Lightworker - The Voice

Many years ago, while Cullen and I were hiking at a petroglyph site south of Santa Fe, New Mexico, a new voice began speaking through me; she calls herself simply "The Voice," and she offers strong suggestions for human evolution.


I have come to understand that she represents the intersection of all divergent energies or points of view into unity–into a V. You can see her image (V) represented in Nature continually, reminding us of how we can join ourselves together, regardless of our individual differences.


The Voice often speaks through me, along with many other Voices from the Light.  She has taught me that "who" is speaking is not important because truth comes from many sources.  What is important is that your heart resonates with the wisdom of what you hear.

Know Who You Are

You Are Love - The Voice

"Know that you are not only surrounded in love, but that you are love. Learn to focus on that. Love loves. So be love. Your lives will improve through the challenging times ahead from this perspective. I am the V of victory over all the challenges as you begin to transcend them. I am The Voice. The voice of wisdom is always available. You can enter into the V of consciousness of all that is whenever you silence your mental thoughts and step into your heart.  I am always there. I am the divine feminine who can bring you to the point of integration, completion, and unity. Step into that space and know who you are."

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