The Pleiadian-Earth Energy Chart


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Pleiadian-Earth Energy Chart

The Pleiadian-Earth Energy Chart combines Pleiadian-Earth Astrology(TM) and Venus Star Point® wisdom. 

Included in the Pleiadian-Earth Energy Chart are the following:


  • The mysteries of Venus cycles in your life

  • Are you a Morning Star or Evening Star in Earth's duality?

  • Description of the energy that guides your personal path of evolution (evolutionary guidance)

  • Your place in the 13 Universal energies

  • Your orientation on Earth through the directions

  • Your personality as part of the 20 Earth energies

  • Challenges and gifts of your Earth personality

  • Influence of societal patterns from your birth

  • Your resonance with specific color energies

  • Your focus of conscious awareness

  • Karmic tendencies and deep drives

  • Your life purpose as defined by energy

  • Personal shadow cycles for transformation & evolution

  • Relationship guidance through Venus and the Pleiades

  • Empowering, compatible, mysterious or challenging energies

  • Vortex days on planet Earth

  • Transformational periods for the collective of humanity

  • Answers to specific life questions

  • One hour telephone consultation with Pia

  • Resources for further study