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Mary Magdalene's Daughter

The Story of Sarah

The story revealed in this book was transmitted directly to Pia by Mary Magdalene’s previously unknown daughter, Sarah. The story Sarah tells is powerful, astonishing, revelatory, and heart opening. This amazing book gives a true first-person account of where Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Jesus of Nazareth really came from and what they and their children, Sarah and Timaeus, actually brought to the people of Earth. Sarah gives us an inside look at their family’s trials and true purpose in coming to Earth from the Stars to help humanity evolve and grow through living in the Pleiadian Way of Love. The overall message of kindness and love radiates throughout the book. It may change your life and the world forever!

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Paulina Wolowska

I found this book helped me to remember the truth within, opened my heart just a little bit more, and reminded me that love is really all there is. So much wisdom, I couldn’t put it away!

Carrie Neiss, Artist

Thank you for writing Mary Magdalene’s Daughter. There is incredible beauty in its simplicity. The pure expressions of the heart from Sarah are vulnerable, revealing and compassionate, and her (and your words) reach into my soul for deep connection.  There is also great magic between the lines, and new energies that open up further understanding every time I reread sections. I know the wisdom from this book will continue to connect me with deeper truths I long to embrace. Thank you for opening this door of light.

Eden Koz, Just Be, LLC

Mary Magdalene’s Daughter reveals the family life of Mary Magdalene and Jesus of Nazareth through the eyes of their daughter, Sarah. I encourage you to read it. Dr. Orleane’s loyalty to the truth is immeasurable, and you will not be disappointed.

Slavica Vukanic, Europe

I cannot describe the happiness I feel to have the opportunity to read this remarkable book. Such a book is a blessing. As I read it, I thank Sarah and you, dear Pia. The topic itself is very interesting, but kudos to you for being able to put it into words so that the book is really interesting. Beautifully written, with simple words, on the other hand, with picturesque descriptions, as if watching a movie, you get a performance, an experience of that time.

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