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Watkins Mind-Body-Spirit Magazine (UK) has just printed an excerpt from Pia and Cullen, and Laarkmaa's most recent book, Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology. The short but insightful article can be downloaded here.

Our world is approaching intense chaos as we learn how to be the new humans. Understanding and using Pleiadian-Earth energies every day can help us to cope with the changes and make more powerful and better choices for the highest good for all. When we better understand energy, we better understand each other and our world. Together, we can become cosmic citizens by learning to manage our lives through working with energy rather than time. We, with Laarkmaa's guidance, have developed a calendar to help you navigate your life through energy. Click here to learn more.

Deeper personal explorations of personal energy and relationships is available through a Pleiadian-Earth Energy chart, a detailed look at your karmic patterns, challenges, gifts, and potentials. The chart also examines the energetic interaction of your closest relationships.

Love and light,

Pia and Cullen

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