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Today I am beginning a new series of Pleiadian-Earth Energy Reports that will occur at the beginning of every 13-day period. For more information about the terms used in these reports, see Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology––Charting the Spirals of Consciousness Universal Energy is 13, the energy that encourages us to integrate all that we have experienced in this cycle. Today's 13 Universal energy is in complete harmony with the arrival of the New Moon. Both energies call us to retreat, rest, and prepare for what comes next in the new cycle that begins tomorrow. In the darkness of the void––the Universal energy of 13 or the rising New Moon––we honor what we have completed, integrate our lessons, and prepare for a new cycle that begins at sunset today. Sometimes in the Universal 13 energy we experience clairvoyant experiences, higher intuition, or prophetic dreams, for this is a point between what was and what will be.

The Cycle that we are ending is Planting Energy, and we may wish to review what we have planted in the last 13 days. Have our words been kind? Have our actions been for the highest good of all? Have we made the best choices we could in the last 13 days?

The Earth Energy of today is Intuiting, which promotes even more our listening to our hearts as we intuit what we may have done better or how we need to change.

At sunset today wherever you are, we begin a new 13-day cycle of Evolving Energy. The energies always shift at sunset in harmony with Nature, unlike the Gregorian measuring of time that has kept us captive for centuries.

As always, the first day of a 13-day cycle carries a double influence of the Earth Energy present. Evolving energy is an energy connected to the Universal level of awareness, so this 13-day period will call us to look at everything from a larger perspective, asking how does what I do affect everyone and everything else?

We can experience intense, earthshaking revelations during a period of Evolving energy, feeling like we are out of control of our own lives. Evolving energy is very similar to the energy of Uranus. The energy asks us to learn how to flow with the constantly changing circumstances with trust. It also gives us a strong desire to explore uncharted territories and solve problems that seem unsolvable. It brings a sense of inner knowing and self-confidence, so we can definitely make a difference during the next 13 days if we live from a higher vibrational place.

During this period, beware of any tendencies towards disorganization, being thoughtless, or rationalizing poor choices. Aim to be a pioneer, exploring possibilities and reforming what can be reformed, This energy brings quick, innovative change, so be sure to participate with it from a conscious place.

The Venus Star is in the position of Morning Star in Gemini, where The Venus Star will stay until March 2021. Venus as the Morning Star moves us to action and encourages us to connect and initiate new things. Venus in Gemini brings conflict and an emphasis on duality at the lower vibrations and the ability to communicate and respond quickly in the higher vibrations.It's a time where we should be communicating about what doesn't work and what we want to do about it.

The phase of Venus currently is Surrendering & Discovery. We have been in this Venus phase since August and will remain in it until February of next year. This is the longest phase in Venus' cycle, giving us the greatest opportunity to surrender any and all outdated beliefs and dysfunctional behaviors. Venus moves further and further away from Earth in this phase, and her light decreases as she moves away. Venus's increasing distance from Earth suggests losing familiar connections with others, as we discover the strengths within ourselves. Compassion and other positive traits can then arise. The result of surrendering old patterns increases our ability for genuine acceptance of ourselves and the world.

This Venus phase can take away almost everything we deem important, until we finally discover that what really matters can never be taken away. It is up to us to get our priorities in order, and release everything that stands in the way of our evolution.

Step into this new energy at sunset today with understanding that you are evolving, and as you do, you are making a difference in the world. The Universal energy of 1 that arrives at sunset urges us to begin new things. A whole new 13-day period awaits us!

With kindness, compassion, and love,


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