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Venus moved into the phase of Rebirth on December 14, giving us all a chance to let go of what no longer serves us and create the best versions of ourselves. Venus

will be in this energetic Phase until December 22, providing opportunities for not only personal evolution, but for collective evolution as well, if we do our inner work. When we change ourselves, we cause the world around us to change, too.

Cullen and I joined Kornelia Stephanie on her radio show on December 13 to talk about this opportunity and just what our work should be right now. Some of the topics that were included in this deep conversation were Boundaries, Projection, Will Power, and Personal Responsibility. You can watch the interview here.

The Venus Phase of Rebirth takes us through Solstice, a period that is perfect for going inside to do inner work in the shadows of our own darkness. Remember–we are light beings, but we must clear our shadows first for that light to shine out brilliantly!

Venus changes to the Phase of Remembering and Embodiment on December 22nd, as we take what we have remembered and demonstrate how we are embodying our newly empowered selves during this holiday season. There is a huge array of harmonious energies arriving from multiple planetary influences on December 24 and 25. Perhaps we can truly celebrate the holidays this year with unconditional love, kindness, compassion, and peace, really working toward creating a unified world.

However, let us not be too busy or too complacent to do our work right now because it is urgently needed for ourselves and our planet. To really live in the light, we must always dive deeply into the shadows, for that is where the light is most needed. We must know what is going on in the world and how we can help to actively change the unfolding Agenda. There are two urgent pieces of information I would like to share with you here, clearly pointing out that we must empower ourselves to make the necessary changes for freedom and life to continue on Earth.

The first, and in my opinion, the most urgent, is Arthur Firstenberg of Cellular Phone Task Force’s distressing and informative newsletter that was released on December 14. You can read that here.

The second is a Nexus News article reporting the rollout of Digital Passports, supported by the European Union and the United States. WHAT? How have we allowed our governments to implement these atrocities without our consent? This is what I mean by we cannot be complacent; we must stand up and speak out on these world-changing challenges. If we want to maintain any sense of freedom, and if we want to live healthy lives on a healthy planet, both of these issues must be addressed. Remember, the Agenda has been created by the few, the 1%. We are the many, the 99%. All we have to do is say No!

Venus is giving us the energy to Rebirth a different world. The question is: Are we going to allow someone else to structure that world, or are we going to take back our power and co-create a world of harmony, compassion, and peace?

With kindness, compassion, and love,


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