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Today is what is known in the Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology system as the Day of Karma, which happens every 260 days when Venus returns to this position in the sky. The energy of the Day of Karma is 13 Feeling. It occurs in the last day of the 13-day period of Evolving energy, giving us a strong push to evolve past our limited beliefs, thoughts, and lower vibrational feelings.


Like all Earth energies in this system, Feeling energy has both a high and a low vibration. The lower vibration of Feeling energy is usually overflowing with powerful emotions that can swiftly change. Remember that emotions (which are always uncomfortable) are our tools for seeing how we ourselves are out of balance. In the lower vibrations, we respond to situations and others through emotional reactions, quickly followed by imbalanced or incorrect thoughts, believing we are justified in what we feel.


In the higher vibrational feelings, we respond to life through feeling unconditional love, which then guides our thoughts and actions. In the high vibration, we can feel almost blissful because we are aligned with truth and the higher reality. We respond through our heart and our intuition in the higher vibration of Feeling energy.


Thirteen is the energy of Integration, and we are being called to Integrate all that we have learned from our emotional signposts in order to evolve to respond to life from the space of peace and unconditional love.


I've known about the Day of Karma for years, but I always thought (or believed) it was a day for having to "live through" what was created by past mistakes or enjoy what was created from making good choices. It is not, however, something to live through on a single day and then return to our usual patterns and habits.  While it is true that we are experiencing the effects of our choices, the purpose of the Day of Karma is about reviewing what is not working in our lives, revisiting the choices and actions that created our current reality, and listening to our hearts to create new thoughts and actions for better ease and flow in our lives. Insights may come in a sudden flash where it is made clear how we reached where we are and what we must do to change our circumstances. Or insights may come more slowly, as a process of letting go of old habits and thoughts and instituting new ones that are more positive and useful. The point is to pay special attention on this day to reviewing what is not working and then continue to listen to our hearts in every moment about how to move forward.


The Day of Karma is always followed by the energy of 1 Devoting, with 1 bringing new beginnings and initiation, and Devoting energy bringing the opportunity to devote ourselves completely to our new path and new way of being. This energy is in place for 13 days to instill what we have committed to do. We can devote ourselves to the new choices we have made in how we think, speak, and act until those choices become our nature, and we create a new and better reality.


I'm not going to address the obvious poor choices continually made by the collective. I'm speaking to a group of people who are consciously doing their best to evolve. I find that there are three big mistakes we make that keep us locked into unhappy circumstances.


1- "Keeping the peace", when we should speak out. Many of us wish to "keep the peace with others" rather than have an honest conversation and express what we know intuitively to be true, at least for ourselves. But when we silence our voice "to keep the peace," it doesn't really keep the peace; it only forces a potential external conflict into an internal conflict between what our heart wants to say and what has been left unsaid in the silence. Such an internal conflict will eventually turn into an external conflict through resentment, anger, or overwhelming sadness, and then what could have been said simply and kindly, may be expressed through volatile emotions at another time. So speak what you need to say with clarity and kindness in the right moment. Do not allow yourself to be silenced by the threat of others' disapproval, criticism, or anger. Voice what the heart wants to say –loudly and clearly–and be willing to stand up for it! Be true to yourself.





2- Believing that we are acting from a place of love when we take care of someone else's responsibility. This pattern causes us to take on responsibility that is not ours through making choices or through actions that another person should be making or doing. This unfortunately prevents them from doing their own inner work, which ultimately, is not an act of love. And it tires us out because we are not following our own evolutionary path. When we do everything to make someone else we love happy at the expense of what our inner voice tells us, know this: your loved ones can never be happy if you aren't true to your own heart.


3- Going along with what someone else says is correct or true, when your intuition and your heart say otherwise. If we believe that someone else is smarter or more wise than we are, we are giving away our power and ignoring the wisdom that lives in our own hearts. Always listen to others to gain their perspective, but let your heart be your final voice in what you choose. Your heart will wisely guide you.


The Day of Karma brings an opportunity to recognize what mistakes have contributed to creating our current circumstances. But it is important to know that the Day of Karma is not about regret, retribution, or punishment. It is about seeing how our previous choices put us in our current situation and thinking and acting differently NOW to change it!


When we realize the importance of letting our heart lead the way (and not what we believe to be acceptable or correct) and when we recognize the power of our own thoughts (especially when connected with our feelings), we can see not only how we have created our current situation but also how to follow our hearts NOW to adjust it.


When we change our thoughts (which is a continual practice!) we actually change our NOW and our future NOWs, creating more ease, flow, joy, and yes, peace.


If we have been silencing our hearts or the divine feminine voice of our intuition, we must change that pattern and step into the life we wish to create by more consciously making choices from the heart. No one is stronger or more powerful than we are. No one else's view of the world can (or should) guide our choices: that is our heart's responsibility.


The energy of 13 Feeling is always followed by the 13-day period of Devoting energy, beginning with 1 Devoting. The energy of 1 is about new beginnings and initiations. It's about starting over every moment and doing it better and better. Devoting energy, which in its highest vibration is about pure unconditional love, affection, and loyalty to the Truth. The lower vibrations of this energy can find us stubbornly clinging to the wrong beliefs, ideas, jobs, or people. As our Pleiadian friends, Laarkmaa, always remind us, the greatest loyalty is loyalty to the truth. Let tomorrow's day of Devoting energy call forth in you the devotion to speak truly from your heart going forward. Only you can change  your world.


And if you are reading this after the posted date, remember that time is liquid and you can make necessary changes in ANY given moment. Just be courageous and listen to your heart, which will always guide you correctly.


With kindness, compassion, and always love,





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