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At sunset on December 31, 2023 and moving into January 1 of 2024, we begin the year of 2024 in one of the most positive and promising energies of the Earth Energy system Remembering Earth Energy. In this energy we begin the new year being keenly aware of finding peace by cooperating with each other. As we end Gregorian year 2023, we simultaneously begin a new 13-day period that will set the tone for Gregorian year of 2024. 


December 31 – January 12 – Remembering Energy

This positive 13-day period actually began yesterday on December 31, as we closed out 2023 and prepared to step into the new year of 2024 with a peaceful and restful energy. Perhaps we can find more compassion for each other as we increase our awareness of how we are more alike than different. We are all human, and we all have challenges. With the intentional practice of being kind to everyone, we can begin the year by setting intentions to create a better world, regardless of outside influences.


January 13 – January 25 – Enlightening Energy

Following the uplifting period of Remembering Energy, we now enter into a 13-day idealistic period of positive possibilities for our evolution. It is also in this period that Pluto, planet of transformation, moves from the structural focus of Capricorn into the freedom focus of Aquarius, so dreams will be even more enhanced. In this period, we should pay attention to our dreams but not dwell on disappointments if things do not immediately manifest. Everything worth having takes time, so keep your dreams and ideals well-fed and monitor your responses and reactions to everything outside of you. It is also important during this energy to avoid polarized judgment and keep yourself open.


January 26 – February 7 – Exploring Energy

This 13-day period excites our curiosity and encourages us to explore other ways of being in the world, rather than our habitual patterns of belief and behavior. In this energy we have the opportunity to harmonize opposite points of view and implement new guidelines for living in a better world. Inappropriate response to this energy is to cling to rigid viewpoints or beliefs rather than opening to other perspectives.


February 8 – February 20 – Transcending Energy

This 13-day period encourages us to remember that the highest loyalty is loyalty to the truth and that truth lives in our own hearts. In this energy we do well to examine to what and to whom we are devoted and ask our hearts if we are being loyal to the truth our hearts whisper to us. We can transcend what doesn’t work by making better choices, so don’t hesitate to let go of what no longer serves and reach for something better.


February 21 – March 4 – Catalyzing Energy

This 13-day period brings both challenges to push us to grow and opportunities to be higher versions of ourselves. It often catalyzes things that have long been asleep, so it may feel as if we are awakening into action that is now absolutely necessary. We do best in this time to monitor our reactions and respond from our hearts, thus becoming catalyzing agents of new thoughts and circumstances.


February 21 – March 4 – Catalyzing Energy

The impulse for change is very present, and we may feel as if we are awakening into action that is now absolutely necessary. It is best in this period to monitor our reactions and respond from our hearts, using catalyzing energy to create new thoughts and circumstances through all of our chosen actions.


March 5 – March 17 – Choosing Energy

Remember that we always have a choice in every situation. Things that need healing may rise to the surface to be resolved; choose to  nurture rather than to judge (yourself or others).


March 18 – March 30 – Moving Energy

This is a restless period, full of movement. New discoveries or travel are easily accomplished during this period, and we experience Spring Equinox on March 20 in this energy! Avoid confrontations and competition during this time.


March 31 begins a new 13 period: Self-Regulating Energy

This period encourages us to band together collectively, synchronizing ourselves with the energies for more self-awareness and cooperation.


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