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Today on December 2nd we are in the 8th day of the 13-Day cycle of Intuiting Earth Energy. This period has brought us tests and challenges, and we may have had to make some hard decisions. The benefit of this period is that it helps us to recognize what is real and what is not––a benefit we truly need at this time of distortion, lies, and old beliefs. Recognizing the truth helps us to move forward to the energy of the next 13-Day period, which arrives on December 8th, an energetic period perfectly aligned with releasing what no longer serves us.

On December 8, we move into the most emotionally charged period of the entire 260 day Venus year––Feeling Earth Energy. This is our opportunity to let our emotions rise to the surface rather than keeping them repressed. Yet it calls for us to respond with kindness and compassion, as emotional release guides us back into more balanced perspectives. If we react through emotion, rather than responding with kindness, we are not using the emotional guidance properly. Emotions, as Laarkmaa says, are there to act as signposts of how we are out of balance through holding on to old beliefs, dysfunctional relationships, or thoughts that do not serve us or anyone else. We will be in this 13-Day cycle until December 20, just in time for the big changes that are coming.

December 21st is Solstice, a day that can be associated with the arrival of more light in the Northern hemisphere, and associated with preparing for darkness that is to come in the Southern hemisphere. But this Solstice is accompanied by other influences, waves of energy that are bringing BIG changes! The 13-Day Pleiadian-Earth Energy period holds Breathing Earth Energy, an energy that brings the ability to harmonize many viewpoints at once, a movement towards Unity, and a complete unpredictability of events. This is also the time of the Grand Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction! Both of these huge planets (and tremendous influences on us here on Earth) are moving from the Earth sign of Capricorn into the Air sign of Aquarius during this conjunction. Saturn moves into Aquarius first on December 17th, followed by Jupiter moving into Aquarius on December 19th. All of this planetary movement within a Breathing Earth Energy will bring unexpected (and possibly wonderful!) surprises.

We will stay in this energy until early January.

Try your best to utilize the energies that are present now through December 20th to prepare and align with what is coming. Humanity has never been at this place of possibility and evolutionary acceleration before. May we take the leap into Love, Joy, Trust, Compassion, and Unity with ease, grace, and flow!

With kindness, compassion, and love,


For more information on this Astrological System see Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology—Charting the Spirals of Consciousness and 2021 Pleiadian Earth Energy Calendar.

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