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With multiple planetary Retrogrades in July, August, and September  now is the perfect time to go inward and re-evaluate how we see and interact in the world. Planetary retrogrades always give us the opportunity to slow down and rea-access our lives and the choices we make. Pluto and Saturn have already turned Retrograde, and are followed by Neptune's Retrograde on July 2. Chiron turns Retrograde July 26, and on August 5 we move into Mercury Retrograde. Uranus joins the Retrogrades on August 29, just as Mercury moves from Retrograde into its Shadow period. With this many Retrograde influences, it seems the universe is clearly pressuring us to wake up and see the world through different eyes. The Pleiadian-Earth Energy system of Astrology certainly helps with that, providing tools for each 13-day period of energies as they arrive. Below are the energies that support our journey in the third quarter of 2024.


In the first twelve days of July we will experience Feeling Energy, the most emotional of energies during the entire 260-day Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrological system. These energies actually begin on June 30, so we will definitely be feeling them as July begins. What we feel is determined by how we think and perceive in every moment.  If we react emotionally to whatever is happening in our lives, we will feel unsettled and unhappy. However, if we use our emotions wisely to make interior changes in our perspectives, we may actually experience some of the highest feeling states possible– love, acceptance, kindness, patience, compassion, and joy! This period lasts from June 30 – July 12.


On July 13 we begin the 13-day period of Breathing Energy, which will last until July 25. This energy is unstable, which means that changes can happen quite quickly and unexpectedly. It will be our choice to become fickle and uncertain of ourselves or to respond by being flexible to changing circumstances. Developing the ability to harmonize multiple viewpoints and then respond from our heart is most appropriate during this period. In Breathing Energy we are given the chance to integrate many diverse perspectives to hopefully bring them into Unity. Remember that breathing is a part of the duality we experience on Earth, and it is akin to the yin and yang of change. So, remember to breathe!


From July 26 – August 7 we will be experiencing Seeing Energy, which allows and encourages us to always see the larger picture and other perspectives than our

own familiar and sometimes limited views. Retrogrades in Chiron, Saturn, and Neptune encourage us to go inward to re-evaluate our perspective, just before Mercury goes retrograde on August 5. In the 13-day period of Seeing Energy, it is a good idea and explore new ideas, pay attention to details as we integrate them into a larger framework, and refrain from making any rash decisions. Looking carefully at all the details and then seeing the larger picture can help us to create more harmony as we move more fully into Unity. This can be a most productive period!


August 8 ­– August 20,  the 13-day period of Loving Energy, is full of competitive ideas and the energies of assertion. However, the famous Mercury Retrograde of challenged communication and transportation is joined by retrogrades in Saturn, Neptune, and Chiron. Paying attention to what we say and how we say it is extremely important now. We will find conflict if we are aggressive rather than assertive, but we may find this period quite positive if we channel our communication to include the viewpoints of others,  turning competition into cooperation. Loving Energy is an energetic period filled with light that can support our movement away from separation and into unity through the choices and actions we make.


August 20 – September 2 is the 13-day period of Being Energy, bringing us the energies of new beginnings. It helps us to remember that we can start again in any moment. In this energetic period, it is easy to feel lonely, critical, or be reactive. However, we can also be nurturing and creative as we have new ideas, start new projects, and share our excitement about possibilities with others. Practicing Being can always help us to slow down and allow new ideas to come to the surface. Planets Saturn, Neptune, and Chiron are all retrograde, also encouraging us to slow down. We are never truly alone, and there is no need to criticize anyone else for their thoughts or beliefs when we follow the truth that lives in our own hearts. Being Energy helps us to remember this, as we begin again as if each moment is new.


September 3 – September 15 is the 13-day period of Healing Energy. This period provides energetic support for previous reckless or selfish behaviors, giving us an opening for collective healing. One aspect of correctly using Healing Energy is to learn not to ignore our personal responsibilities or to accept too many responsibilities that are not ours. Saturn, Neptune, Chiron and Uranus are all retrograde, calling us to go inward to see what we need to heal.


September 16  – September 28 is the 13-day period of Remembering Energy, a peaceful period with the same retrogrades in Saturn, Neptune, Chiron, and Uranus. We can use this period to ponder better foundations, find creative solutions to old problems, and heal from old dysfunctional patterns of behavior. One of the key things to consider in Remember Energy is if we are cooperating well with others or if we may be overly compromising just to "keep the peace." With all the retrograde energy of this 13-day period, we can choose to evaluate when and how we are overly compensating or when and how we are failing to cooperate. A balance of give and take is helpful during this period.


We close out the month with the first few days of the 13-day period of Enlightening Energy, preparing to make choices from an enlightened perspective with our hearts leading our minds.


Do your best with all the changes in both your inner and outer world, and remember that every challenge can be turned into an opportunity for something better!


With kindness, compassion, and love,





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