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Underworld Opportunities Shining Light into the Darkness

In the past month, many of us have experienced a sense of oppressive darkness around us. We may have a sense that we have been attacked. Or we may have experienced traumatic or unsettling events in our lives. We may feel that we are living through a dark night of the soul. We may even feel that we just can't go on the way we are. Whatever our personal experience of the past month, our collective experience is that, like the mythological Greek Persephone, we have entered the underworld. We are in a timeless void, where space and time seem out of sync.

Cosmically, we are under the influence of Venus in her Transmutation Phase.* Venus, our twin planet, is at her maximum distance from Earth right now. She is also racing toward Earth at her maximum speed! Venus and Earth are in this particular alignment, or relationship, once every 19 months, lasting a period of 47 days. (We moved into this phase on January 9th, and we will move out from this influence on March 4th.)

What does this mean for us? Our experience of this phenomenon increases our sensitivity to what others may be feeling and empowers us to build more reliance upon our inner life than our outer experience. The speed of movement offers a high rate of personal change, if we are willing to do the work required. When the light of Venus is invisible to us and we are experiencing this level of darkness, we are forced to meet and love our shadows. Part of the process is to allow ourselves to experience uncertainty and self-doubt because we cannot know or see what is coming next. We are in a period of life transition that may feel lonely. We may be afraid of losing what we value most. We may feel stretched to our very limits, but Venus is asking us to rebalance our relationship with love by mastering all illusions of fear. We are thrust into the darkness to strengthen our ability to shine the light that we are.

During this period we may also be experiencing a cautious or uncertain optimism. Something stirs within us to remind us of who we are, how powerful we are, and how much potential we bring for positive change. There is an undercurrent of intensity that signals the possibility of shifting our reality. All we have to do is accept where we are, love ourselves and others without judgment, and trust that all of our experiences are opportunities for strengthening our light and raising our consciousness. We chose to be here, even though we may not have totally realized what this choice would entail. Now we have the opportunity to shine light into the darkness all around us to make a radical change. This opportunity won't occur for another 19 months, so let's make good use of it together. We are not alone. We are all standing in the light.

With love,


*Terms and descriptions of this phase of Venus are original conceptions of Adam Gainsburg. For further understanding, please see his remarkable book, The Light of Venus,

** Intuitive Guidance sessions with Pia are available if you need assistance in finding or strengthening the light within you. (link to Intuitive Guidance on website)

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