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Last year, I wrote a book of spiritually based short stories. This book, Exit Plan has just been released. The first story in Exit Plan, called Automated, is about an automated human who has lost all of his freedom and is controlled by artificial intelligence, as is everyone else in his world. Now Dr. Carrie Madej has carefully explained in this video how my story is actually coming true.

If we do not wake up from the illusion filled with lies from governments, religions, science, and medical institutions that are aligned with the Agenda, our species will very soon be extinct. We will become Automated.

Cullen warned the world about the reason for the current plandemic’s creation in his Blog Techno Virus, long before the world opened its eyes and turned attention to what is actually happening to humanity. Now the symptoms are showing up, including foggy thinking, which takes away our initiative to act or clearly realize what is going on right now. Physical symptoms and lack of sleep also can derail us from action. But we cannot let that stop us from joining our voices with others who realize what is happening to humanity.

All who are aligned with the truth are sending out messages globally encouraging us to actually wake up, see the truth, take back our power, and say NO! to what is happening. If we don’t, it will be too late. We will be extinct. It is almost too late now. Wake up world. Use the power of the divine feminine within each of you to stand up for justice and freedom. This is a plea from my heart.

With kindness, compassion, and love,


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