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Today I wish to share with you a beautiful and meaningful poem written by Robert Francis Mudman Johnson. Clearly Robert has his Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in alignment to write such truth. His views reflect much of what I addressed in my book Sacred Retreat.

A Prayer for our Children

(and a prayer to end war)

may a man always remember

that his heart is his womb, love, joy and his sword;

and the sword of forgiveness is so sharp

it cuts us together not apart. *

(Women know this already)

And when we heal the wounds of war

and touch the soul and spirit of the earth and remembers; I am you and you are me, and with love we are the world.

World peace is possible in our lifetime as a gift to our children as we

create a world worthy of our children’s love and respect.

robert francis mudman johnson

With kindness, compassion, and love,


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