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Cosmic Invitation

We are in the middle of 2018's Pleiadian-Earth Energy Collective Shadow Cycle (July 24- August 12), meaning that humanity is faced with a huge opportunity to change our misconceptions, dysfunctional beliefs, inappropriate behaviors, and to come into better alignment with cosmic values.

Eclipse season began on July 13 with a partial solar eclipse, escalating with a July 27 total lunar eclipse, which was the longest eclipse of the century, and will close with another partial solar eclipse on August 11. Solar eclipses often signal external changes, while lunar eclipses offer us the chance to change our own perspectives. The galactic convergence of eclipse season during the Collective Shadow Cycle is nothing short of a cosmic invitation to step out of our third dimensional illusion and begin to honor the true reality. This requires releasing most–if not all–of our cherished beliefs in favor of new possibilities. It requires that we think differently and act differently.

During this special time, all of the planets (except Ceres) are on the same side of the sun, clustered together in our solar system. While this is a somewhat regular event (the last occurrences were in 1984 and 1995) and is not particularly important on a global scale, it does offer more chance for Earth's alignment with other planetary bodies, which do have an influence on us.

Planets are moving into retrograde position now, making them appear to be moving backwards in their orbit from our viewing point on Earth. As each planet moves into retrograde position, its influence in our outer world also seems to stop–we have a chance to examine our normal actions and perspective in the world from an inner level. Most people are aware of the communication and transportation problems that often accompany Mercury in Retrograde. We may be more careful with our communications or traveling during such a time. But how many of us stop to discover the influences on our lives when other planets move into retrograde? By August 7th, we will have 7 planets in retrograde, each one offering us a chance to do things differently. Here's a rundown of things to take a look at under the retrograde influence of these 7 heavenly bodies:

  • Mercury - Be careful with anything mechanical and watch our communication.

  • Mars - Watch our tempers and be more thoughtful before we act.

  • Saturn - How responsible have we been? Have we done what we promised? A good time to look at the consequences of our choices.

  • Uranus - A force for awakening. Be accepting of unpredictable change and look for ways that change can be beneficial, even if we don't want it.

  • Neptune - Heightens our perceptions and intuition. Dissolves boundaries. Use this energy to unmask illusion and see the truth.

  • Pluto - An invitation to go deep into our own psyches. A supportive time to look at our shadows and release attitudes and patterns that prevent our becoming who we really are.

  • Chiron - A chance to heal from all that we believe has harmed us. An opportunity to understand that each of us is responsible for healing ourselves.

I personally do not see how it could possibly be a coincidence to have so many cosmic opportunities happen at once without feeling a very strong nudge to take a look at my own beliefs, thoughts, and actions. And I wish you a profound journey of awakening and building upon the divine spark that you are as each of you works with the gift of these energies.



Pia Orleane, PhD is an astrologer and co-author of Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology to book"

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Music "Shift" by Dan Burke

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