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Updated: Apr 10, 2020

We are caught in a loop of misinformation and inappropriate action, as the world struggles with governmental "protective" restrictions around the Corona virus. As we have long suspected, 5G is directly implicated in the Corona virus outbreak. Dr. Thomas Cowan, MD, has explained in simple terms the direct cause of the sudden and enormous outbreak of this year's Corona virus– 5G. Although his 10 minute video explaining the situation has been taken of of Youtube, the full video is still available. Please share it with everyone you know.

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg further encourages us to look at the truth....the virus is not the problem. 5G is the problem.

My incredibly brilliant husband, Cullen, has coined the term "Techno Virus" for the current outbreak, rather than Corona Virus, which is a term so common everyone in the medical world has been aware of Corona's presence for years. Corona is not a new virus; the presence of a Techno Virus is new. It has been proven that 5G disrupts the use of oxygen in our cells by reversing the spin that allows oxygen into the hemoglobin that feeds all of the cells in all living organisms. No wonder people are suddenly collapsing–their cells are not receiving oxygen that their bodies can use. This is an outcome of too much EMF presence, not the outcome of an overactive naturally occurring virus.

Furthermore, have you asked yourself why the elderly are more susceptible to this virus? Could it be because the elders of the world are our memory keepers? They remember how the natural world should be, and therefore they are more of a threat to the New World Order.

Governments of the world have swallowed the dark agenda for AI takeover of humanity, and in the guise of "keeping us safe", may be furthering our demise. As they enforce quarantine and isolation, closing schools, hotels, churches, and almost all business, they also force us to rely more heavily on Internet to meet our needs , which ironically supports the so-called need of the speed of 5G. We are being forced to use Internet for our banking needs, paying our electricity or cell phone bills, teaching our children–all is being relegated to "necessary" internet services. We need to wake up and see the truth. This forced reliance on Internet is pushing us closer to accepting the very thing that will kill us and all life on this planet– 5G.

Please, think about what you are blindly accepting as the truth. This video explains how 5G may be subtly and secretly being installed into schools, while publicly stating that the schools are being disinfected for Corona.

Another perspective on the "big picture" (including mandatory vaccinations as a platform for digital identity and control) can be found here:

In America, legislation is being quickly passed to limit freedom of communication as the coronavirus epidemic monopolizes the attention of the American people. Government is taking the opportunity to sneak through all manner of restrictive legislation as they did with the Patriarch Act and Homeland Security at the event of 911, including a law that could end the internet as we know it- and thus end our ability to access the truth:

If you want to understand the agenda that is bringing more illness and more control over our lives and our freedom, please take the time to watch Dana Ashlie's all encompassing YouTube presentation here. It is well worth every minute of your time.

We must not be afraid. We must be proactive about investigating the truth and using our collective power to stop what is happening. Governments all over the world, whether intentionally or not, are feeding the dark agenda to bring in Artificial Intelligence and phase out the bio-human. Are we going to huddle in our homes in fear of getting Corona while simultaneously ignoring the fact that the increase in viral cases is actually a result of increasing EMF pollution, which is significantly enhanced by 5G satellites and cellphone towers? Are we really that confused or stupid?

Yes, the virus is real; but the problem is that our immune systems cannot handle taking care of rejecting the virus because we are overloaded with EMFs.

We need to wake-up, step out, and take action. Already people are in mandatory lockdown all over the world. If you are still able, while you can, go out and meet the world. Form groups that address the real cause of this pandemic, and take action and do what you can to stop all programs that are anti-life. Form groups to educate our children together, providing healthy social interaction and wisdom that we deem important for the children to know. Always, remember that what you choose to do affects everyone else, so it is absolutely essential that we act for the highest good for all. Do not act out of ignorance, fear, of anger. Act objectively, from a place that understands the truth. And if your freedom of movement has already been restricted, keep your spirits free, knowing that we will get through this challenge.

Keep your thoughts, words, and actions positive, and continue to raise your vibration and that of others by sending out love and light, not fear. Know what is going on, and participate with changing it–with love and direct actions.

In light, love, and kindness,

Dr. Pia Orleane

photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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