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I have a vision of a woman on a white horse, leading a charge, with her sword held high. It's the symbol of what needs to happen now, as the patriarchal dark heightens their strategies to oppress humanity. The Divine Feminine in all of us needs to speak out for justice and truth. We need to acknowledge the voice within us that is urging us to speak out, use our swords of light, and expose the lies and darkness that threaten to obliterate humanity–and all of life.

I recently watched a delightful video about the Bees returning to the planet. That's really wonderful news, but why are they dying? The video addresses that, too, and we need to pay attention, for it is not only the bees that are dying–we are.

So many lies have been told by people we believed we could trust–our governments, our news media, our medical practitioners, and sometimes even our churches. Anyone who is listening to her or his heart knows that the truth is always available if we slow down, use our intuition, and listen with our hearts.

It's time we do that now, so that we can speak the truth, take up our swords of light, and move forward to create a better world. We cannot wait another minute. If we do not act now, and in unison, the opportunity may pass, as more and more controls are put in place to immobilize us. We will be affected like history's other victims who simply did what they were told, or waited to fight until it was too late.

Dane Wigington of has produced an extremely revealing video, spelling out how long we have been lied to and just how many lies we have been told. Although he does not directly address the vital implications of 5G technology's impact in creating a TechnoVirus (called Corona), he does address how many of our freedoms are about to be taken away if we don't act in unison to change things–immediately.

Former President of Microsoft Canada, Frank Clegg, does speak out about the necessity of eliminating 5G, if we want to continue to live.

Edward Snowdon tells us we are creating an Architecture of Oppression because we are not taking steps to revolutionize our current structures of society, but instead are sitting by and waiting for things to change. While he does not specifically address 5G or enforced vaccines, the implication is clear: if we do not act ourselves in revolution, changes will be made for us.

I believe Dane Wigington's name will soon be grouped with Snowden and Assange, people who first spoke about the dangers we are facing today. And more voices are adding to the list of those who speak the truth every day. I urge you to use your own discernment and your own voice to speak out, reject the lies, demand the truth, and stand up for justice. If we want to live, we must mobilize and act. NOW.

With love and light,


Opening Photo by by Mark Frost from Pixabay

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