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I have a T-Shirt that says “Everything’s Going to Be OK.” In fact, I have three of them, in different colors. And lately the song It's a Beautiful Morning keeps popping into my head. I can feel the energy of positive change like the anticipation I experience when I am walking in the forest toward my favorite waterfall where I can immerse myself in the beauty of Nature, with drops of water splashing all around me. It feels good.

Maybe I feel this way because so many people are finally standing up and saying, “No!” to the crimes against humanity. Maybe it is just a feeling that our time to make a difference is here. Maybe it’s a wave of calm and awareness that is washing over humanity. Or maybe it is because I am mastering Laarkmaa’s guidance to realize that everything is just an experience, so I am detached and objective when the new computer template suddenly won’t let me pay my bill or when I’m told that “we don’t provide that service anymore.” I may sigh, but it doesn’t matter. Because if one thing doesn’t work today, tomorrow something else will work. I trust that. And so, I keep making choices to trust that everything unraveling is doing so on purpose. And I trust that I don’t have to worry about what comes next as long as I do my part to make conscious choices moment by moment.

Whatever the reason that I feel everything is going to be OK and that I find myself singing It’s a Beautiful Morning in spite of my aching joints, my headache, my painful back, or my foggy thinking, there is a knowing deep inside of me that it is true. I’m doing my part to take back my power and keep my vibration up, and you probably are, too.

Still, it heartens me to see the illusion being ripped apart as more and more people speak out about the atrocities that global governments are trying to force upon us. And it heartens me to see that people are listening to these whistle-blowing reports and are refusing to participate in unhealthy choices. Below are some links to some of the eye-opening things that have been revealed about the Agenda that others have shared with Cullen and me. They show exactly what I’m talking about. The message is real.

But what is also real is that while we are watching these revelations, while we are participating in the changes through our own conscious choices and keeping our vibration high and full of trust, we are holding on to the essential truth that Everything’s Going to Be OK. We can trust that. We can know it because it already is. We can’t always see it yet. But we can feel it.

With kindness, compassion, and love,


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