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We are still in the midst of a Collective Shadow Cycle in the 13-day energetic period that begins at sunset on 7 June, bringing humanity a brief window of experience where all illusion can be peeled away to the core and offering a way for us collectively to rebuild our reality through recognizing and aligning with the truth. We may find the collective has a sudden change in belief systems, as more and more truth is illuminated.

We are moving into Illuminating Earth energy for the next 13 days. At the lower vibration (which is always apparent in a Collective Shadow Cycle), Illuminating energy will reveal lots of drama and an attachment to the illusions of the third dimension. People will cling to what they feel makes them safe (whether it does or not), rather than opening to what may be arriving that could be better. At the higher level of vibration, Illuminating energy peers deeply into the illusion with lightness, humor, and more understanding.

A true picture of Illuminating Earth energy represents a gestation period, where we peel away the veil that has been blinding us and open our hearts to what wants to be born. This is the place that is the end and the beginning of our world. We have thirteen days to wisely use this energy and voice our intentions that everything we have envisioned for higher frequency living may arrive. This is a period of high creativity, which can initiate new harmonious ways of living and heal dysfunctional patterns without engaging in the surrounding world drama.

On the heels of the Total Lunar Eclipse we experienced 15 days before, we will experience a Solar Eclipse at the New Moon on 10 June. Our inner heart-knowing may be eclipsed by old beliefs that are deceptive and confusing, causing misunderstandings and insecurity to arise. Unexpected restrictions or external changes in the outer world may feel frustrating. Remember the gestation period mentioned above and during the eclipse; go inward to find stability and truth.

Once the Eclipse energy has passed, stay flexible, patient, and open-hearted as you stand up to say “No” to the old controlling ways and “Yes!” to things that make a positive difference. Challenges are always opportunities to create something different, and the creativity of Illuminating energy can support our manifestations. So, drop your beliefs, open your hearts, and let us together manifest a more beneficial way of living on our planet.

With kindness, compassion, and love,


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Photo by Jan Huber at Unsplash.



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