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Today at sunset we enter the new 13-day period of Devoting Energy. Laarkmaa has a lot to say about our misguided sense of devotion, and where our true loyalties should be placed. (You can listen to their conversation about this in the April 3 International Live Call or in the recording available here.) The highest version of loyalty according to our Pleiadian friends, Laarkmaa, is devotion or loyalty to the truth. They remind us that we must be open to the truth first, and it may require making some hard choices to follow our hearts as we are led to greater realizations of the truth. When we work together, honoring the loyalty to cosmic truth rather than anyone else’s agenda, we can find the peace that is always in our hearts ours.

Under the influence of Devoting energy, we try to walk the road of life in a spirit of balance and harmony by placing ourselves in accordance with cosmic law–not man-made laws. There is no greater need than for us to respond to life in accordance with cosmic laws in the spirit of love, trust, kindness, compassion, and joy!

Inappropriate reactions during this energetic period of Devoting energy include

feeling stuck and being loyal to the wrong things or the wrong people. Appropriate use of this wonderful energy brings harmony through being connected to one another in a spirit of our global (and cosmic) community.

With kindness, compassion, and love,


You can look more deeply into the Pleiadian-Earth Energy system in the book Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology- Charting the Spirals of Consciousness and the accompanying 2021 Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar. You can also explore your own energetic makeup with a personal Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrological Chart.

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