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Today is an interesting combination of energies! The Universal energy is 13, the integrating, last in the sequence of the Universal energies. The Earth energy today is Being, the first in the sequence of the Earth energies. So we are experiencing simultaneously both the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega, the never-ending circle of the ouroboros. What does that mean for our experience today? Since time is only a third dimensional illusion, today’s energy helps us to see that every ending has a beginning. The moment we integrate the experiences we finished during the 13-day period, we are already beginning new experiences of a new cycle.

Everything is connected in unity. Yet we are under a spell of separation that keeps us focused on dualistic ideas of polarity, such as, ending and starting, past and future, you and me. When we shift our focus to unity consciousness and choose to ignore the social and political collective pressures to gravitate towards tribalism and competitiveness, we move away from fear and closer to the world we wish to live in–a unified world of choices based on love and the highest good for all. The energies present today are preparing us for what comes next– the experiences we will have during the 13-day period of Breathing energy that begins at sunset.

Breathing energy encourages us to focus upon the duality of polarities that have caused us to feel such separation–from each other, from Nature, from Source–and to find our way back to unity by remembering that everything is connected. It takes both the in-breath and the out-breath to complete the cycle of a full breath. This is a very restless time where remembering the lessons of our breath can keep us out of danger and support our spiritual evolution. Our work is to keep everything in balance as best we can.

Inappropriate use of Breathing Energy can make people unpredictable or fickle, quickly changing between polar opposite viewpoints or actions. Appropriate use of Breathing energy helps us to harmonize multiple viewpoints, remembering that everything is connected and unified.

Because we can feel the winds of change that are arriving, pay particular attention to the gift of the ouroboros, the alpha and omega, the synchronicity of endings and beginnings today. They will prepare us for the future we have been waiting for!

With kindness, compassion, and love,


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