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Yesterday was the last day of a 13-day period, which means that we had a tremendous opportunity for integrating (energy of 13) what has recently happened in our lives and in the world. The Earth Energy was Evolving, and we are certainly in a spiral of heightened evolutionary energies, which at times feel unstable or even a little bit scary. Did we take a moment yestserday to consider integrating what has been going on in our lives before we move forward? Or did we dismiss it, staying in our routines and ignoring the signals?

Our friend and colleague, Kornelia Stephanie coined a wonderful way of speaking about evolution in our most recent interview on her show. Her words to remember as we go through this process are, “Evolution is inherently unfamiliar.” If we are experiencing strange and unfamiliar things, we are certainly on the right path!

Today is our first day the 13-day period of Self-Regulating Energy, providing the strength from this northern energy to regulate moment-by-moment as the new energies arrive. Also, this period brings a Collective Shadow Cycle that begins on Tuesday, July 18, lasting through August 6. In the Pleiadian-Earth Energy system, Collective Shadow Cycles, which occur every 260 days, are periods that give us collective opportunities to move beyond the shadows of humanity’s collective consciousness in how we think and act. They are specifically designed to help us evolve through making higher and better choices in the midst of unprecedented challenges.

Collective Shadow Cycles are energetic opportunities to help us move beyond old beliefs and paradigms into new possibilities. These periods present humanity brief windows of experience where all illusion can be peeled away to the core, if our eyes and hearts are open and we are paying attention. They offer a way for humanity to step out of the illusion and rebuild our reality from universal and cosmic truth. The intensity that occurs during Collective Shadow Cycles affects everyone, but in different ways, according to each person’s level of conscious awareness. These periods afford us all the opportunity to grow and expand in all of our relationships.

It is often during these energetic periods that profound changes (positive or negative) are made at a global level. You may notice an increased intensity of occurrences in the outer world, as old structures crumble and new ones begin to form. You may feel out of control, either resisting the changes or spiraling into new ways of being. Yet by simply changing your perspective and opening your heart, the core of the true reality is available to experience in any moment, with no illusion, which can keep you from being overwhelmed by the challenges and changes at hand. And through stilling your thoughts and entering the wisdom held in your heart, as you see more clearly you can become a way shower for others who are afraid of losing what is familiar, as changes occur. Remember: “Evolution is inherently unfamiliar.” This is when you can focus and shine your light most intensely. In the darkness, shine your light and your love as brightly as you possibly can!

With kindness, compassion, and love,


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