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Today we move into the 13-day period that will carry us through the end of 2021 and into 2022. Where are we as a species following our evolutionary path? If we used the last 13 days wisely, we have completed whatever was left over from unresolved issues, patterns, or projects. Now the Cosmos brings us a burst of Transcending energy, to transcend what we have left behind. People are leaving the planet, through their own soul and personal choices, as they completed their lives’ purpose on Earth. We who are still here, have put to rest all the things that no longer serve us, if we have done our work. This clears the way for us to move graciously and with gratitude into Transcending energy as we transform the present into what will come next. Each choice we make is doubled in importance. If we wish to leave the old behind, we must release it. If we wish to move forward, we must transcend old emotions and beliefs.

Transcending energy empowers us to reclaim the positive in ourselves, see it in others, and trust it in the universe. It encourages us to transcend everything, as we release old beliefs, old habits of thought, and old reactive patterns of behavior in our lives. It is a very refining energy that encourages us to use discernment rather than judgment to improve upon everything that we think about or do. It encourages us to think of the good of the whole whenever we make any decision. It helps us to be objective and not take things personally with emotional reactivity. This auspicious energetic period will carry us through the holidays, bringing gifts that we may not yet be able to see, and carrying us into the 2022 energy that awaits us.

With kindness, compassion, and love,


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