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2023 began and is ending with Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn, indicating this past year has been about discovering what is truly valuable and life affirming about being on planet Earth at this time. In this last of four Mercury Retrogrades this year, we have the opportunity to review previous decisions and commitments, examining if we have been making choices for the highest good for all, including every Kingdom on Earth: Devic, Elemental, Animal, and Plant. As we step into 2024, we can realize that alliances and connections with other kingdoms help to restore balance, as we seek to obtain cosmic balance. In addition, the energy we step into at sunset today reminds us that it is possible to heal anything and everything. This energy will be with us, supporting our healing all on Solstice, as we focus upon Light, and all through the holidays, as we celebrate with Love.

Wherever you are today, stop and feel the presence of Healing Energy as it begins to over-light us for the next 13-days. Everyone and everything on our planet needs healing now. We are sick from a toxic environment (5G and other EMFs, poisons sprayed in the air through geochemical engineering and injected into our bodies disguised as preventative medicine, glyphosate in our food, fluoride in our water, and Directed Energy Weapons beaming disturbing influences over our thoughts and our moods.) There is much to heal, and it is our responsibility to participate with the cosmic gift this energy brings us.

Healing Energy reminds us that it is essential now to go inward, focus on our minds, bodies, and spirits, and do whatever is necessary to heal ourselves, through changing our beliefs or behaviors or simply opening our eyes to see the truth and act upon what we see. Healing Earth Energy is both an intense and a highly spiritual energy. To use Healing Earth Energy appropriately, we must have the courage to heal ourselves, beginning with healing our own shadows and imbalances, as we become living examples for others. On the other hand, if we avoid our own responsibilities or to take on the responsibilities of others, we waste this precious period to heal and move forward.

With kindness, compassion, and love,



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