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As we begin the new Gregorian year, we are also beginning a new 13-day Pleiadian-Earth Energy period of Listening Energy today, providing a concentrated focus on the Universal energy of 1 (new beginnings) as the Pleiadian-Earth Energy calendar and the Gregorian calendar form a most unusual alignment of dates and energies. We will be experiencing matched Gregorian numerical dates and Pleiadian-Earth Universal energies for the entire 13-day period, a very uncommon occurrence!

A Listening energetic period is considered to be a time of darkness, where we need to turn inwards to listen to higher guidance and find the Truth. For years now, we have been what I call “lie-a-tized”. We have been lied to on so many levels about so many essential things that it is now absolutely critical that we stop listening to outside sources and begin to listen to the guidance that is always available in our own hearts. Using the guidance of intuition directly from our hearts is always true and direct.

Adding to the push for going inward during this period, both Mercury (governing communication) and Mars (governing action) are retrograde, encouraging us to neither speak or act, but to simply just listen.

Many of us have been experiencing Ascension symptoms that leave us in the dark about the process we are undergoing in our transition. We have body pains, emotional distress, and mental confusion, as we purge all the lower frequencies that have been overlaid on us for the last few years, or actually much longer. But to get to the higher frequencies, we must purge all of the old lower frequencies that are residual in our thoughts, our emotions, and the cells of our physical bodies. It takes willpower and courage to accomplish this!

There may be a great deal of mental rigidity or “need to be right” showing up, causing conflict between us individually as well as conflict between nations. We may also experience a deep need for emotional or physical personal security, with a need to work on remembering that security is always found in our own hearts as we learn to trust our intuition and listen to guidance we receive through quiet listening to the cosmos and our guides. A time of darkness can always be seen as a time of going deeper–a time of greater realizations and understanding. Look into the dark night sky and feel the peace that is there for us whenever we connect to that energy.

Inappropriate responses in Listening energy can lead us to be pessimistic, troubled, or even controlling. Appropriate uses of Listening energy have us practicing empathy, care, and taking personal responsibility for our thoughts, our words, our beliefs, and our actions. Going deeply into our own hearts is the proper path of using our inner wisdom during this thirteen-day period.

This is a time of the dark before the dawn and an ending of cycles. The collapse of the old world and the beginning of the new is apparent all around us. But this should engender excitement of possibilities, not fear of what we may lose. As Mary Magdalene always says, “Fear Not!”

This period sets the stage for what is to come in 2023. On March 23, Pluto leaves it’s 16-year position in Capricorn, where structure, limits, and controls have been experienced in every aspect of our lives. As Pluto moves into Aquarius, we will begin to experience freedom and expansion. The shift of Pluto moving into Aquarius on March 23 is the most important shift in over a decade from the Western Astrological perspective. This heralds better things to come, including a shift of power to the people and a larger recognition of human rights. This will only happen if we do our part to keep our vibrations and frequencies up.

Remember, low and high vibrations cannot co-exist in the same space, just as there is no room for fear when we are full of unconditional love. And even though Pluto will briefly revisit Capricorn again in the latter part of 2023 (beginning in June), once we have experienced the energies of freedom and expansion provided by Pluto in Aquarius, we won’t look back again with the victim consciousness we experienced during that time or ever again accept situations of control and manipulation that were so oppressive during our Pluto in Capricorn experience.

We must each do our part to move through this period of Listening energy as gracefully as possible, for it opens us to wiser guidance as we connect more to our hearts. The year of 2023 is moving us much more into the evolutionary path of Ascension, and our future depends upon our choices moment-by-moment. Quiet listening to our hearts and to the cosmos is more important than ever. It is going to be a powerful year, with lots of changes, and we must do our part for the potential of humanity’s largest evolutionary leap.

With kindness, compassion, and love,


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