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At sunset on today, wherever you are, we leave Loving Energy and move into Being Energy. What have we learned? What can we carry with us as we step more fully into being who we are? Being Energy offers a period of enhanced creativity to help us deal with underlying insecurities that cause separation from each other. It is here that blame and criticism can be found and properly released. Appropriate use of this energy supports our nurturing ourselves so that we can then nurture others. Inappropriate use of this energy can spawn needy, reactive, or critical words or tones aimed at others.

Laarkmaa says we “speak each other into being” through our words. If our words carry harsh tones or critical or judgmental words, the person receiving that absorbs that energy as part of who they are, and it may take a lifetime to release it. This is where childhood wounds are formed, but we also wound adults when we speak in this manner.

If we speak with kind and compassionate tones, using words that accept and support each other, whoever is listening and receiving those words more easily remembers that they are wise, kind, and compassionate, too. People who receive this energy more constantly often find it easier to share it with others. Shouldn’t each one of us strive to “speak each other into being” through such kindness and compassion? Let us step into this collective energy doing our individual best to speak one another into being who we truly are–divine sparks of light and love.

With kindness, compassion, and love,


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