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Our twin planet, Venus, shines her light through the various phases we are experiencing in our rapid evolutionary process. The Venus Star moved from her position in the sky as the Evening Star in Libra into the position of the Morning Star in Leo on August 6. Venus in Leo encourages us to radiate our light like the Sun, inspiring others by living a heart-centered life and broadcasting our light wherever we go.

August 6 is also the day that Venus moved into the phase of Transition, signaling to us that some kind of transition is imminent. As Venus moves from the position of the Evening Star to the Morning Star, there is a short period of a few days where she is completely invisible in the sky. Then she reappears in the early morning sky, where she will be visible for the next nine and a half months.

Now we are quickly moving through the influence of rapidly changing phases of Venus that resemble what follows the Transition phase of a pregnant mother. On August 13, Venus entered the Inception phase, the first phase of a new Venus cycle that indicates something very new is about to come. Two days later on August 15, Venus entered the phase of Gestation, which is full of mystery. During this phase, whatever is invisible, unknown, or held back within us can be discovered, made visible, or released. On August 19, Venus entered the phase of Birth, where what has newly been discovered can now manifest. Today on August 21, Venus moves into the Emergence phase. In this phase, Venus quickly increases in brightness, rising earlier and remaining visible for longer in the morning pre-dawn sky. This is the phase that encourages us to increase our own ability to shine the light that lives within us. Venus will stay in the Emergence phase until September 3, when she moves into the phase of Fullness, encouraging us to expand our efforts to improve the world.

In the middle of all of these potent Venus phase changes, we move into the 13-day period of Evolving Earth Energy, which as you probably know from previous Evolving periods, brings many opportunities to do things differently, which is the whole point of the steps Venus has outlined for us to follow from Transition to Fullness.

In addition, on the very same day, Mercury goes Retrograde, causing disruptions in routine, delays, and challenging communication. We simply must begin to interact with each other from a deeper level, learn to flow through things that are changing outside of us, and be at peace with the pace that our evolutionary process is unfolding, whether we are impatient or not. All of these cosmic occurrences are supporting the evolutionary process we are destined to make as we enter into higher states of consciousness.

Our job is to remember that this is a planet of Choice, and we always have the choice of whether we will react to outside influences or whether we will take a breath and respond in, perhaps, a new and more evolved way. We have the choice to react in fear or other low vibrational reactions or respond creatively to the energies as they present themselves for our growth and conscious advancement.

Lastly, during this very intense 13-day period on the last day of Evolving energy, we experience what the Pleiadians call the Day of Karma, which arrives every 260 days of the Venus cycle around the Sun, bringing emotions to the top to be cleared (hopefully forever).

My wish for all of us is to follow our hearts into the deepest sense of love we have ever experienced, shining our light outwards for others to find their way. Make your heart the centerpiece of your world, and be kind to everyone, for you never know how someone else is suffering or how they are seeking to grow and change.

With kindness, compassion, and love,


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