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Yesterday I had a long conversation with The Voice, who speaks to me often, sharing important perspectives that I cannot always see from my third-dimensional perspective. What she told me may be shocking to some, but for most reading this message, you have seen the writing on the walls. We need to call for justice because our governments, medical facilities, and media are all out of harmony with the principles of truth and justice.

The Voice never fails to remind me that she comes represents the place where all opposites become aligned. As she reminds me, she is the place that holds the wisdom of everything, and from that perspective she can see what needs to happen next.

Below is a short excerpt from yesterday’s message from The Voice:

“Now is the time when my wisdom and strength are needed. Your planet is being sieged by dark forces, and we from the light are monitoring what is going on. I come to tell you the revolution you think may arrive is already here. The people are beginning to stand up because they sense that justice is not being served. And they do not like their freedom being taken away. But they are not moving as quickly as they need to. The responsibility for humanity lies within humanity itself. So therefore, humans need to revolt against the dark that is suppressing your freedoms. Each and every one of you need to speak up. You need to stand up. You need to go to protests. You need not to be afraid that you will be arrested, that you will be fined, that you will have something taken away from you because what is being taken away from you is far more real than what you fear. The dark is trying to take away your freedom and your life. Nothing could be more profoundly important than fighting for that! Act now. It’s going to be too late if humanity does not speak up now.”

Further encouraging me to share these most recent videos and links that are showing others what is occurring on the planet and how to speak up against it, she asked me to write this Blog to provide links from the many, many informational sources that have been sent to me. They are listed below.

Sacha Stone- What happens in Australia will happen in the rest of the world

Robert F. Kennedy speaks in Berlin on the global situation

Rally in Berlin with Robert F. Kennedy

Plandemic InDoctorNation

In closing, I remind you that no mandate has ever been given to any government to put an entire population under house arrest. Also remember that we can overpower and overwhelm any illegal actions taken against us by our sheer numbers. We do not have to fight, in fact we should not fight; we simply have to stand up and say, “No more!” There are not enough of “them” to control us. We simply have to get over the fear that they are stronger or more powerful than we are. Where we live, many of the police are actually joining forces with the protesters and refusing to participate in illegal or violent arrests, and some governmental officials are reversing decisions about 5G placement and other crimes against life. These are encouraging signs!

We are being called to stand up for Justice. The Divine Feminine in all of us has had enough of unjust lies and manipulations that steal our freedom, our connections, our health, and the joy of living. Stand up and use your voice! The time is now!

With Kindness, Compassion, and Love,


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