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On Tuesday, November 8th, the we will experience a Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 3:01am Pacific Standard Time and 11.01 am UK time. Eclipses always bring momentous change, and Full Moon Eclipses tend to be wild cards bringing in the unexpected, so be prepared. Lunar Eclipses in particular are often felt to be more powerful than Solar Eclipses. This is because the Moon pulls on the tides here on this planet, and that affects the water of our physical bodies and our emotions.

This particular Lunar Eclipse is connected to the North Node of the Moon; the energy of that particular position places us “in the tide of celestial energy, where new forms and energy enter.”1 That, of course, places us exactly in the experience Laarkmaa explained about “Cosmic Waves of Energy arriving for our evolution.” (Laarkmaa Live Calls in October, 2022)2.

Eclipses are not good times for committing to a partnership, starting a new project, or doing anything that can bring conflict. They are perfect times for going inward,

clearing shadows, and focusing on personal growth. A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is the Universe’s way of encouraging us to quiet our minds, go within, and listen to our hearts.

While many people dread a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, believing that it will bring doom and gloom or financial collapse, war, or other travesties, it is good to know that most of life’s wonderful positive events also follow an Eclipse. New forms and energy enter and personal fortune can improve. How an eclipse affects you personally is determined by your own personal energy3 and the choices you have been making and continue to make moment-by-moment. It is always best to spend quiet time during an Eclipse and focus on your spiritual life and future goals, rather than attempting to actually begin something new.

Many spiritual traditions honor November 8, the day of the Eclipse this year, as a time when the Archangels are closer to humanity whispering their guidance. Archangels Gabriella and Michael are particularly honored on this day for leading the way towards the light and fighting for the truth. Whether you believe in angels or not, there are light beings all around us who are supporting our journey and encouraging us. I’ve seen them and feel them all around me. You can too by simply stilling your mind and keeping your heart open.

It is notable that this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is happening in the middle of a Collective Shadow Cycle,4 a time when cosmic energies are propelling us to collectively let go of old paradigms, old beliefs, and old dysfunctional behaviors. Humanity has the opportunity to make a tremendous evolutionary leap in consciousness if only we are willing to let go of the old and invite in something different, new, and better that initially may be uncomfortable but is our evolutionary destiny. We must choose to walk away from what is familiar and comfortable towards the unfamiliar that is our destiny. We cannot predict exactly what is coming next, but we can use our intentions to be sure that we participate in bringing forward positive energy to manifest into a better reality for us all.

A strong theme emerging in the consciousness of those who are awake or awakening is the need to design our own lives, without the input of others who wish to control or manipulate us. The only way we will achieve this is to stand up and say, “No!” to things that are not in our best interest and support the birth of new things to take the place of the old. We are on a march for our own freedom, and that can only be obtained when we take responsibility for our own choices, actions, and lives.

Laarkmaa has invited us to clear our blockages, remove our dysfunctional habits, addictions, and beliefs, and step forward towards our freedom and cosmic citizenship. They have even offered to help all who need a broader perspective to clear what is holding them back.5

While the light is absent in the outer world during this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, I encourage you to focus on the light that you are and that you carry inside of you. It is more powerful than you may imagine!

With kindness, compassion, and love,


1- For more explanation on the North and South positions of an Eclipse, see Judith Hill’s excellent book Eclipses and You: How to Align with Life’s Hidden Tides.

2- Laarkmaa’s explanation of waves of Cosmic Energy arriving for our evolution can be heard here:

3- Pleiadian-Earth Energy Charts:

4- Collective Shadow Cycles are defined and explained in Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology- Charting the Spirals of Consciousness.

5- Laarkmaa’s personal assistance can be found here:

Photo taken from the yearly Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar:

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