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Respecting All Life Through Our Choices

I would like to share a recent radio interview about my book Sacred Retreat. If you do not have time to listen to a half-hour recorded interview, please consider listening to the last seven minutes where I speak about the respect for all life and our need to change traditions in order for humanity to evolve.


I have had three disturbing and vivid visions since Cullen and I have been in Europe—all involving violence to animals, and all clearly indicating to me changes humans need to make if we want to evolve. It is no longer enough to want to stop war and the senseless killing of other humans over our differences in belief. It has become vividly apparent to me that we must, as a species, stop the violence against all life and begin to respect all life.

For days I have been asking why I am being shown whales, reindeer, and cows being slaughtered if I cannot help? Yet I know that I can help by sending love and light to all the animals who are being killed and to all the people who participate in or support the killing of animals by purchasing meat. Light can show a better way. Love can change the world.

I hold no judgment for those who make choices that are different from mine. Yet I sometimes wonder if others are aware that choices causing less harm are available? I would like everyone to be able to see that other options for living in peace with all creatures are possible. Each person must come to this understanding in his or her own way, in his or her own time. What we can do is send our love and our light to help bring in a gentler and more peaceful way to live on Earth.

If your heart is touched with desire for a better world, please join me in sending love and light to everyone who does not yet honor all life so that we can support our planet's evolution to a higher vibratory state and begin to live in harmony together.

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