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Venus Encourages Re-Birth*

Opportunities to begin again, to start over, to do things differently come every day. Every moment can be new, when we step out of past behaviors and beliefs and step into conscious living in the now moment. Venus has moved into position to help us remember how to begin again. Having traveled to her most distant position from Earth, she is now moving quickly towards us, shining light to encourage us to envision a future more filled with unconditional love. While the previous phase of Venus offered us the opportunity to transcend our deepest challenges, this phase gives us a chance to apply the wisdom we learned and to begin again. For the next eight days, the energies offer us an opportunity to re-orient to life. Venus shines her light to help us take our tentative first steps towards a new start and a better shared future.

It may be easier to revert to old, habitual patterns of reaction to our experiences, yet while Venus is in this position, we have an increased impetus to ask ourselves, "How can I do this differently?" Venus is not asking for perfection, as we begin new responses in our lives. Venus is asking for self-awareness and the courage to change. **

With love,


*Terms and descriptions of this phase of Venus are original conceptions of Adam Gainsburg. For further understanding, please see his remarkable book, The Light of Venus,

** Intuitive Guidance sessions with Pia are available if you wish to explore new possibilities for yourself or your relationships.

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