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Sacred Retreat Wins Nautilus Award!

Every year The Nautilus Book Awards honors authors who meet their criteria of bringing "Better Books for a Better World." This year, their

selection for the Nautilus Gold Award in Women's Literature was my book,

Sacred Retreat~ Using Natural Cycles to Recharge Your Life. I am thankful

for the recognition, but more importantly it means that the concepts I am sharing will be read by more people, which means that I can help to make a difference in healing our fractured world.

Other authors who have won the Nautilus in the past have this to say about the award:

"I do believe that through the Nautilus books you are creating the library of knowledge that will change our world, and it is probably happening even faster than we have imagined." –Gregg Braden

"These books are creating a curriculum for the folks out there who are longing for a new story." –Jean Houston

"The Nautilus Book Awards represent the highest achievement of the writer's craft. Nothing less. It's all about envisioning a better, more peaceful, more caring world – both for us and for our fellow creatures and Mother Earth." --T.A Barron

If you have not yet read Sacred Retreat, I encourage you to take a look – and see how by realigning with the cycles of Nature you can rebalance your own life while helping to save the world!



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