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Living in My Own Time, at My Own Pace, in Grace

The Earth is moving, the water is flowing, my life is unfolding.

What rhythm does my life have? Is it fast or is it slow?

What sets the pace to my life? The Stars, the Moon, the Sun or my own breath?

Suddenly we wake up and find ourselves in the middle of a modern life with all its comforts. It’s fine. Every era has its themes, and we make our choices to respond from Love or fear.

What do I choose when I am choosing for my life?

Walking the high road means making love-based choices that are nourishing for all. Walking the low road means making fear-based choices that lead to different and more uncomfortable life experiences.

How do I make my choices? Out of Love or out of fear?

As Love has many vibrational expressions – peace, joy, abundance, harmony..

so, does fear have its many faces – anger, sadness, lack, anxiety …

The Universe supports us through its presence. Every single day on the planet Earth has its own supportive energy that we can tune in to. The Pleiadian – Earth Energy Calendar guides me throughout my days within each universal period of 13 days, and throughout the whole universal year of 260 days. A true gift to me and humanity!

Where do I start?

We are born into this world with a unique combination of Universal and Earth energies. This energy combination is a life-long support and guidance system. I can use my energy combination in two ways: appropriately or inappropriately. In other words, every time I make a love-based choice I am being my authentic Self, exactly the way I have been created for my unique life experiences. Every time I make a fear-based choice, I find myself struggling with my self-image, my judgment of others, and my life experience in general.

How conscious am I in making my choices?

It helps me to return to the basics: Earth, Air, Water, Fire.

My body is my Earth – my structure. How do I sustain it?

My Spirit is my bodily Air – my breath. How do I nourish it?

My Heartbeat is my inner Water - my feelings. How do I support it?

My Mind is my inner Sun - my light. How do I share it?

Laarkmaa says to also remember the basics of Love, Joy, Trust, and Compassion, which help us to sustain, nourish, support, and share our true selves.

Life is a flow, water on the move. Emotions are pebbles sending out the ripples into my River of Life. Sometimes the ripples become rapids. The cup is running over. Splash! Help me! Anybody? The old energy wants out to make space for the new coming in.

We are evolving as sure as the water is running. Each new turn in our spiral of evolution needs a matching state of beingness on the physical, spiritual, intuitive and mental levels. We are granted with senses to be able to tune into the energy net of Life. The First Sense – our intuition - gives us continual needed direction for turning upward on the evolutionary spiral. With help of our bodily senses such as hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and touching, we find what we need for turning a new leaf in the Book of our own Life.

A rhythm gives birth to a structure.

Tick tock and thump thump. A tiger and a turtle.

A female and a male. An elder and a child.

When my inner water is turbulent I go to my Sacred Space and face the direction that feels right for me. I stand firmly on my both feet or sit down. For a moment I am with myself. I accept myself as I am in this moment. Lovingly I let my thoughts come and go, it’s ok. I talk to the Energy of Direction that I am facing as if this Energy were my Mother. I tell her how I feel in my own words. It is my intent that counts. Help is always available. When my inner water is calm, I find the help as clearly as is possible when I can see the pebbles at the bottom of a very clear river.

I have found the way to inner peace by slowing down, doing things at my own pace, living my life in my own time. How else could I be me? It is a life-long journey into the tapestry of All That Is. I invite You to join me by …

… living in harmony with Universe and Earth:

… having secret retreats to bring the feminine back into her flow:

… having Trauma Clearings to cleanse the energy field for new energy upgrades:

… practicing Mystical Egyptian Yoga to learn to love oneself:

Sources of inspiration:

“Sacred Retreat. Using Natural Cycles to Recharge Your life” by Pia Orleane, Ph.D.

“Pleiadian – Earth Energy Astrology” by Pia Orleane, Ph.D., and Cullen Baird Smith with Laarkmaa.

“Conversations with Laarkmaa. A Pleiadian View of the New Reality” by Pia Orleane, Ph.D. & Cullen Baird Smith. “Remembering Who We Are. Laarkmaa’s Guidance on Healing the Human Condition” by Pia Orleane, Ph.D. & Cullen Baird Smith.

“Sacred Heart Yoga. Activation of the Sacred Seals” by Virginia Ellen with Jesus.

Written by Circle Dancer,


Evolutionary Guidance Transcending

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