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2021 BEGINS!

While the Gregorian NEW YEAR begins on January 1, 2021, in the Pleiadian-Earth Energy system, we are experiencing the energy of 12 (understanding) Universal Energy and Exploring Earth Energy. Perhaps as we step into 2021 we will have more understanding of what has been and continues to be out of balance on our planet and will explore more positive thoughts and actions, which are best for everyone.

We begin the new Pleiadian-Earth Energy 13-day cycle on January 3rd. As the first day of the cycle, Universal 1 Energy brings us the energy of initiation and new beginnings, a perfect place to set the tone for what we wish to begin to do differently in this year. The Seeing Earth Energy may find us focusing on the details of everything that is wrong, but we must do our best to see and understand the big picture so that we know exactly how to take back our power and our planet. If we open our third eye, as well as our physical eyes, we can certainly see that we have been forced into a position that requires that we stand up, speak out, and make changes to take back our power.

The Venus Star is still in Gemini, where we are sharing our thoughts and voicing our opinions about what must be done. By April, the Venus Star will move into Aries, where we will take actions that may, perhaps, have never been taken before. We need to use our time between now and then to make sure we are communicating clearly and speaking out for the truth, as we share our concerns, our hopes, our dreams, and our plans for 2021.

The Venus Phase of Surrendering & Discovery is still in place through January, so we can use this energy to surrender everything that does not serve love and light––all old belief systems, patterns of behavior, and lower vibrational thoughts do not and cannot serve us now. As we release them, we may discover higher states of being than we have ever imagined, which we will need when we act.

This is a time of looking into all the details hidden in the shadows and consciously weaving them together to understand the big picture. Leftover challenges from 2020 can drag us down in the Surrendering & Discovery energy, OR we can keep ourselves involved with higher vibrational thoughts, plans, and trust, as we move forward in our evolution.

Whether you celebrate the New Year today on January 1, or whether you celebrate the new Pleiadian-Earth Energy cycle that begins on January 3, I wish you peace, beauty, healing, trust and love.

With kindness, compassion, and love,


For more information on the Pleiadian-Earth Energy SystemTM see the book Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology––Charting the Spirals of Consciousness and the 2021 Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar.

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