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4 APRIL, 2021

Today we move into the positive 13-day period of Transcending energy, in perfect alignment with the celebrations for resurrection and our path of ascension. Transcending energy transforms the present into what comes next. It removes negative energy and empowers us to reclaim the positive in ourselves, see it in others, and trust it in the universe. Transcending energy encourages us to transcend everything, as we release old beliefs, old habits of thought, and old reactive actions in our lives. It is a very refining energy that encourages us to use discernment to improve upon everything that we think about or touch. It encourages us to always think of the good of the whole when making any decision and learn not to take things personally because personal filters are taken from historical experiences or training. They get in the way of our evolution and our ability to see the true reality. This is a most auspicious period, and if we participate with the gifts of this energy, and it will see us through our most difficult challenges, releasing negativity and filling us with trust and light. You may wish to read my Blog about Trusting that Everything is Going to Be OK here.

With kindness, compassion, and love,


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